Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Hands ARE SMALL, but I know they can still help

This goes along with my post underneath for Haiti regarding how your little donations can still make a big impact

Lyrics to Hands by Jewel

If I could tell the world just one thingIt would be that we're all OK

And not to worry 'cause worry is wastefulAnd useless in times like theseI won't be made uselessI won't be idle with despairI will gather myself around my faithFor light does the darkness most fearMy hands are small, I knowBut they're not yours, they are my ownBut they're not yours, they are my ownAnd I am never brokenPoverty stole your golden shoesIt didn't steal your laughterAnd heartache came to visit meBut I knew it wasn't ever afterWe'll fight, not out of spiteFor someone must stand up for what's right'Cause where there's a man who has no voiceThere ours shall go singingMy hands are small I knowBut they're not yours, they are my ownBut they're not yours, they are my ownI am never brokenIn the end only kindness mattersIn the end only kindness mattersI will get down on my knees, and I will prayI will get down on my knees, and I will prayI will get down on my knees, and I will prayMy hands are small I knowBut they're not yours, they are my ownBut they're not yours, they are my ownAnd I am never brokenMy hands are small I knowBut they're not yours, they are my ownBut they're not yours, they are my ownAnd I am never brokenWe are never brokenWe are God's eyesGod's handsGod's mindWe are God's eyesGod's handsGod's heartWe are God's eyesGod's handsGod's eyesWe are God's handsWe are God's hands

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How Dollarama Helps Me, Help Haiti

I feel the world finally learning to rally to help those in need.
I know there is so much more that can be done, but this is my contribution.
Dollarama Stuff
Yes you heard right stuff from Dollarama will help those in need.
Yesterday @Flourishflorals tweeted this link
Which had this info
MCC is asking for donations of 20,000 relief kits as part of its response to the Haiti earthquake. Thank you for joining this response. Relief kits provide valuable supplies to families traumatized by war and disasters. In recent years, kits have been sent to Iraq, Gaza, Bosnia, Serbia, Nepal, Mozambique, Indonesia and Honduras.

Contents (NEW items only)
4 large bars bath soap (leave in wrapping)
1 plastic bottle shampoo (380-710ml / 13-24oz; place bottle in a re-sealable plastic bag)
4 large bars of laundry soap (Some stores carry Fels Naptha, Sunlight or Zote brands; contact your local MCC warehouse with questions)
1 squeeze-tube toothpaste (minimum 130ml / 6oz; leave in box)
4 adult-size toothbrushes (leave in packaging)
4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colors)
2 wide-tooth combs(6 to 8in / 15 to 20cm)
1 fingernail clipper
1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40, assorted)
1 package sanitary pads (18-24 thin maxi)

Place contents in a box or bag and deliver to one of the drop-off locations in Canada or the U.S. The kit will be re-packed in a new 5-gallon plastic pail with lid.
Looking at the list I realized I can purchase a majority of it at Dollarama. So that's what I did!
I got everything except the laundry soap bars. They have them, but they are unwrapped, so I'll get some at the grocery store tomorrow.
I spent less than $20 for all of this.
I hope to drop it off early this week
(the site lists all the drop off locations)
So even when you think you're little donation is just a drop in the bucket, look how much my drop will provide!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's my first day off in 2010 (yes I did work on the 1st & 2nd of January-pizza never sleeps you know).
It's time to get down to blogging blissfulness!

Last week I mentioned I wasn't doing the whole Resolution thing, instead I'm tracking what I've accomplished. Find out why here


So here's a log of what I was able to do last year (by the way it's mostly from my blogs & my bad memory, so if I forgot something please let me know)

January 2009
2008 had ended on a great note. My best pal Diane & I had just hosted our 1st MeFest event & vendors were asking us to organize another one for the spring!

Also in January I started this blog
& tried my best to make it fun & interesting to all.

I read THE POWER OF NICE that I received the month before from a gift exchange. I loved the book & found out that there was a 2nd one coming out called THE POWER OF SMALL (which describes me perfectly on so many levels!) . I contacted the site & asked if it would be available in Canada. They weren't sure so they sent me a copy of it!

Not too much happened in February as we were in full swing for our 2nd MeFest

March 2009 I met Carol & learned a lot about blogging! She's one smart cookie!

Then April 2009 hit WITH A BANG! We hosted another successful MeFest. We started a Those2Girls blog & doing weekly postings for the http://stufftodowithyourkidsinkw.blogspot.com/

What was next TWITTER. Okay I can't say enough about how much I love twitter. I think I learned the power of twitter the night we helped @BoredMommy win the title of the Mammavation Mommy. Not quite what she expected, but that night so many women connected to help her gain her title.
AWESOME was the only way to describe that night.

So May 2009 was a lot of downtime (which really means learning to tweet)

June 2009 We started a cleaning challenge on the Those2Girls blog. I didn't accomplish as much as Diane did, but I did give it go.

You see I was too busy becoming an official YummyMummyClub member (2nd row at the bottom, pic on the right)

July 2009 was very rainy here in KW, but this was the best pic of the summer

In August I did an interview for Prospere Magazine featuring @Hullabaloo519

I also started writing a blog for parents of Tweens. Here you can see how my son made it in the newspaper

September 2009 We went to the Hockey Hall of Fame & everyone's favorite chuckle the LEGO post happened

What else happened that month? We got our Tiara pic! We started a mission to get Diane's daughter to #1 for a mall shopping spree thanks to our twitter & facebook friends & wrote an article for the YummyMummyClub

Along came October 2009 which currently holds the reigning BEST DAY EVER We had our 3rd (& very successful) MeFest. Also that day I got to meet a lot of my Yummy Mummy pals at Nursery School Musical. That was an amazing day!

Next up twitter was a buzz with everyone trying to win Tassimo machines. We were trying to get them for ourselves & each other. That's the best thing about twitter! We're all in this together.

I also wrote this http://www.mommyagogo.ca/index.cfm?pagePath=BABY_TALK/Archives/October_2009/Lasting_Power_in_A_Boy_s_World&id=16841

Guess what arrived in November? http://thesunshineisin.blogspot.com/2009/11/cheers-to-tassimo-hot-chocolate.html

& I got to meet another twitter pal @BusterRhinosBBQ & look what he brought me http://thesunshineisin.blogspot.com/2009/11/tweeting-meeting-making-dinner.html

December came & the idea came for this post (inspired by this post I wrote for AMotherWorld )

I thought it was time to kick back & think of all of my accomplishments & then this happened.... I'm now a monthly contributer to WonderMoms

But enough about me. Here's what's going on with my pals & what they've accomplished, about to accomplish &/or changing their outlook towards 2010

@JackiYo is about to try something new

@AmericanNanny is favouring revelations

@CocktailDeeva is going to give it the old college try

http://twitter.com/amotherworld is pondering the what ifs???

@1ofthose2girls is setting some goals

@NoFlashCards is doing what she loves most

What are you doing? I'd love to see your New Year's post & link it to this. Just leave a comment with your blog URL

Come celebrate with us!
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