Sunday, July 7, 2013

How To Make A Sock Cupcake - With Demo

Easy Fuzzy Sock Craft

Looking for an EASY CRAFT? Look no further. I'm not crafty but was able to make Fuzzy Socks look like cupcakes.

As you know from my earlier video, crafting does not come easy to me. I lack in the coordination department which is a skill that is required for most crafts......

..... except this one!

Great Gift Topper

I needed a great gift topper and by searching Pinterest I was able to find an easy craft called a Sock Cupcake.  Below I have a quick recap of how it was made, along with the steps I took and the video that I based them on.



My Sock Cupcake Assembly Steps

  1. Everything you need = 2 pairs of fuzzy socks, 2 Elastic Hair Accessories with flowers attached, and cupcake holders
  2. Mismatch the pairs of socks, this adds to the cupcake look
  3. Roll the first mismatched pair. See video below (it took a few attempts for the first pair)
  4. Wrap hair accessory elastic around rolled socks
  5. Separate the layers by pulling some up & pushing some down
  6. Place in half of the paper cupcake holders (paper baking cups)
  7. Repeat with the 2nd pair of socks
After you watch the video on how to make these, see below about my improvisations and what I will do differently next time. (this is not my video but how I first learned to create these)

As you can see I managed to skip the need for tape, ribbon and plastic flowers just by using the hair accessory with the flower attached.  This also adds to the gift as they end up with 2 pairs of socks and 2 hair accessories!

Because my paper cups were smaller they did fit the sock cupcake, but did not stand up and immediately flattened when I put it in one paper cupcake baking cup.  In order to make the baking cups stable enough to hold the sock cupcakes I ended up using half of the package of paper cupcake holders for each pair of socks.

Next time I think I may try those silicone baking cups instead of the paper ones to see if that makes this even easier!

Here's the final result!

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