Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Reduce Bounce Rate - What The Web Wednesday - January 28 2014

Tips To Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your Blog / Website

What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

Bounce Rate is a term you may have heard of before but didn't quite understand it's meaning.  Think of it this way, you google something, you click the link that looks best suited for your inquiry, then you noticed it didn't pertain what you were looking for so you hit the back button. Basically you moved on without giving the website/blog a chance. Hence the term "TIME TO BOUNCE"

Google tracks the rate of this action on your site's analytics. The bounce rate is usually a very high average 70% or more, so your goal is to reduce that number, meaning that the viewer chose to stay on your website and/or blog because they found it of interest.


3 Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

These are a few ways I work on reducing the bounce rate
  1. Link to other posts on you site that relate to the topic
  2. Add the Linkwithin widget that shows thumbnails of some of your other posts at the bottom of the page and links to them.
  3. Embed a video. You can create your own vlogs, but if that is not your thing, head to YouTube and find a video that coicides with your subject and embed it into your post.

Have an idea on how to reduce your bounce rate? Leave it in the comments!

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How To Participate In A Link Up

For this link up there are just a few things to do
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Buy Dresses In January To Wear At Spring And Summer Weddings, Showers And Special Occasions

Those2Girls Show You How To Save When It Comes To Special Event Outfits


Do you know of a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation, anniversary party or special event that you have coming up?  Now is the time to shop for that great dress or fantastic outfit to wear to it!

Hit The Sale Racks In January

Many stores stock up on New Year's Eve gowns and put them on sale in January.  Now it the time to search those clearance racks!  Most evening wear has short sleeves or is strapless which makes it wearable in the warm months as well.

Know The Tricks To Shopping For Spring And Summer Occasions

As mentioned above make sure to pick a short sleeve or strapless outfit but here are some other ideas
  1. Choose colourful pieces. Most don't wear a lot of black or brown at warm weather gatherings
  2. Not too much sparkle (unless it's for a black tie affair)
  3. Take note of hemlines, as you want to show off your great strappy shoes in warmer weather
  4. Try it on and test out all zippers, hooks, buttons and clasps. You won't be able to return it months down the road
  5. Make sure the outfit isn't too heavy. Think about what it will be like wearing it at an outdoor wedding or patio event
So whatever your plans our this summer you know you'll look great without breaking the bank!

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