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The Power Of Nice

Good Day BlogPals!

Just letting you that I had a great day! I hooked my old speakers back up to my computer & downloaded some tunes that I had been missing. One of my fav's is BE YOURSELF by Chris Cornell. I love his voice & this song is really important to me. It gives you the reminders that no matter what life throws at you, just BE YOURSELF & soon enough circumstances will change.

Soon after that I received a great email from a forum that I am on.

It's for the book THE POWER OF NICE. I posted my "NICE" story & THE AUTHOR ROBIN KOVAL responded to it. She didn't comment on any other post in the forum.
That totally thrills me!!!!!!!!

I've copied & pasted my forum post below. This was a really great read & I'd recommend it others. Let me know if you like it!
Hello, I’m Lisa & I have just finished reading this wonderful book I have several NICE stories for you!

1st off I haven’t saw PAY IT FORWARD, but have hear it’s wonderful Last Christmas I had the opportunity to see a great movie called THE ULTIMATE GIFT & I’m sure many of you would agree it too teaches the POWER OF NICE.

2nd I had a point in my life where I needed to make some big changes (as I’m sure many have found themselves in a situation you need to change something to make life much more enjoyable) I knew I needed to get out & meet new people & form a new circle of friends I thought about joining a gym or taking a class, but wondered if I’d actually form friendships at those places, plus what if I put all that money out & didn’t like it? I figured I wasn’t the only one in my city like that, so I started a women’s friendship group called SYS which stands for See You Sunday pronounced sis. We get together Sunday afternoons for friendship & fun. We do something different every week. We go on tours of local businesses & attractions, have guest speakers, do volunteering etc. I always enjoy organizing & going to the events! The best part is I made lots of new friends. I even found a best pal out of all of this How lucky am I? Together we started organizing events around the community. Our 1st event was last September. We had a pampering/lifestyle show for women called “MeFest - A Celebreation of You ! “ It had 70 vendors & we had 400 people come to the show. Not bad for our first event! Our vendors loved how we put it on just ourselves without any big attitudes & that we are always upbeat & fun to be around & have asked us to put the show on twice a year!

If you’re kind enough to still be reading, my 3rd nice storie is… I am very greatful to have read this book, because I did not find it. It found me! I was at a gift exchange where you could pick a wrapped gift & it could be swapped again & again before we got to open it. I spotted the gift I wanted by just the way it was wrapped. Gold paper & bows in basket style clear wrapping. I wouldn’t have ever have know it was a book. People kept stealing each others gifts until every gift had changed hands. Every gift that is, except mine. No one took it out of my hands. When I opened my wrapping & found this book I knew that I have must have been destined to have it! What a great Christmas gift don’t you think?
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year Lisa

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Hi Lisa - It’s Robin Koval here.
Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I loved them all—especially the story of how you came to discover The Power of Nice. I think you put it quite well and we’ve heard it from others too. The Power of Nice and its readers seem to find each other.
Please keep spreading the word and here’s to a happy, healthy and NICE 2009!
Robin ----

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