Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Easy Tricks To Get New Blog Views - What The Web Wednesday

Wanting To Be Noticed

You spend all that time writing, editing, and cropping photos for your latest blog post only to be frustrated by the lack of post views.  Below are some easy tricks to get your blog content noticed.

7 Tips To Increase Blog Views

  1. Start with great content. Think if you would stop and read this post?
  2. Have a vibrant image. A bright photo or eye-catching graphic can make people take notice.
  3. Link back to another post.  This will help reduce your Bounce Rate and keep people engaged with your blog.
  4. Post a giveaway.  People love to enter contests and by using a givewaway widget it can help spread the word about your blog.
  5. Share your post on your social networks. Post links to your latest blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram or any website where you have built up a following.
  6. Use hashtags on your social posts to find those with similar interests.
  7. Join a link-up like the one below to connect with other bloggers that are posting content too!

How To Participate In The Link Up

For this link up there are just a few things to do
  1. Scroll to the end of this post click the Add Your Link Button
  2. Put the link to the actual post (not just the link to your site) in the first field
  3. Type a quick title about the post
  4. Your email (not visible on the link up)
  5. Then click submit link
  6. For every link you leave visit another post on the link up and leave a comment on it
  7. Share this post on one of your social networks
As a thank-you for participating in the link up I will be adding all the links listed to my WEB HOW TO's Pinterest Board throughout the month.

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