Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Using Rare Sense To Deflate The Elephant

Many of you have heard me go on about about how COMMON sense is NOT common and how I refer to it as RARE sense.

PLEASE show me that you have this sense and have pre-planned for your long weekend!

Not sure what I mean? Well lets just say I plan ahead while others don't.

You see I don't drink if I
A)  Have my car
B)  Have my child with me
and for the most part I usually have both

So when we go visiting I usually bring my own bottle of Ginger ale with me because most BBQ's I've been to give you the choice of BEER or Juice Boxes that were meant for the kids.

Then I usually get the "Oh come on, why did you bring Pop? You can have a Beer. You'll be here for hours and your son is older now, you don't need to run after him any more".

To which I reply "Well if something happens who's going to be able to take him to the hospital?"

Ah yes RARE sense gets them every time.

Now I imagine how different the convo would have went if they had said "Oh come on, why did you bring Pop?  We made the special Mocktails from @CocktailDeeva 's video"

Now that is pre-planning & what RARE sense is all about!

For more tips on how to pre-plan (& prove you possess RARE sense) make sure to visit the Deflate The Elephant website and facebook page

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last week I was asking for your generosity and so many came through in a BIG WAY-Thankfully Barb kept track of all the names

Karl Nieva
Tammy Jo Moore Hiemstra
Carolyn at Bingeman's
Christa from Baden
Jennifer Gough
Catherine Graham
Nickie Wylie
Reg Thompson
Dee Brun
Melissa Gissing
Chasity Kunda
Peter and Mary Moir
Andrea Johnston
& many more that dropped off items on Barb's porch & came by the sale to shop & enter the raffles.

Taking the time to gather items &/or coming by to the sale is appreciated more than you realize.

Earlier this week Barb received this letter from her Sister
Sometimes in your life you are so overshelmed that you don't know what to do. Up seems like down and down seems sideways. And through all this some amazing people touch your life and make you feel better. Suddenly it doesn't matter what is up or what is down. What matters is faith in mankind. Faith in those that care for people they do not know and are willing to help.

May God bless eveyone who has given time and effort into helping. They say what goes around comes around. May you all be blessed with an act of kindness. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you

Linda & Brian
Grimsby, Ontario
and Barb wanted to add this note to her new found friends

It is so very heartwarming to live in a community that comes together, shows support and gives comfort to strangers. I thank you all for caring enough to help, as you did, in so many ways. Your generosity will stay with me always.

Barb Irwin

I personally want to give kudos to Barb for this was quite an undertaking.  She collected, sorted, priced & sold all with the thoughts of what happened to her Sister's home weighing on her.

Now for an UPDATE -  At this point the inspectors think the home can be fixed (last week it was thought it may have to be bulldozed), but the timeline is still sitting at a year before they can moved back in. 

The Yard sale raised $655 & with most items priced at a dollar or less, that tells you just how much stuff Barb sold.  This will be used for "out of pocket" expenses for the family (they left the home just with the clothes on their backs and are currently staying in a hotel so they cannot store anything).

Again, I can't thank everyone enough that got involved.  I wish I could put into words how much I appreciate everything you did to help. Your generosity made the difference.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Asking for your Generosity

According to Wikipedia Generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need.
This is the reason I am asking for your GENEROSITY.

I know a wonderful family in Waterloo that had something terrible happen to their relatives in Grimsby last week.

It's easier if I quote Barb speaking about what happened to her Sister's home...

can't stop thinking about my sister Linda and Brian, and Wesley. Glad they are safe but still devasted for the loss of their home. I know you can't contact us right now but know you are in our every thought and in our prayers....
During the wind storms last week a tree fell on Barb's Sister's home.
When I saw that message I contacted Barb right away to find out what had happened.  This what I was told ..
Right now all that we know is they are homeless, left with nothing but the clothing on their backs. The house has been officially condemned. I spoke last lnight with Linda finally, as they had no means to contact people as the hydro and tellies were out in Grimsby...
...she is a tough, tough lady but this has broken her spirit and I am heartbroken for them. They barely escaped with their lives...
...niece is pregnant with her 3rd and was at Linda's house to tell her and Wes to leave the house because trees were starting to fall. She was picking up her son from the school behind Linda's house because the weather had turned horrific and she was worried for him.

After this devastation the family has been told by Disater workers that their home is condemmed.  They will not be able to go near their home FOR A YEAR.

Here are pics of what the house looks like now. 

They lost everything.  Right now they are staying in a hotel and have been told by the Disaster workers to find an apartment for the next year (there might even be the possibilty of them never going in & the house being bulldozed).

**This Saturday May 7th 2011, in Waterloo, Barb and her family are having a fundraising yard sale in order to raise some money to help her Sister's family.  I know a lot of us have lots of swag and other stuff lying around.  If you have anything you can donate please let me know so I can make arrangements to come and get it.  You can email twitter @those2girls or facebook my inbox lisamcdonald122
If you have large items I will put you in touch with Barb, as I just have a car.  I know many of you are busy, so even "porch pick up" will do. 

If you don't have anything to donate, please take some time visit the sale at
               104 Craigston Pl Waterloo between 9am-noon.

Thank-you in advance for YOUR generosity.  It is very appreciated and WILL make a difference to those it affected.

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