Saturday, October 21, 2017

Watching This 10 Minute Video May Change The Way You Approach Life *Coarse Language Warning

..... okay I will be honest. It is a an 11 minute, 7 second video, but taking the time to watch it could be life-changing.  Some of you may already incorporate these rituals into your daily life, but I am sure everyone can learn something from it.


Wow did that video set you back on your heels a bit? I know it did for me. As mentioned earlier, I myself practice several of the ideas mentioned in the video above but I know I need to get better at writing things down in a journal.  Because I am on a computer most of my day I always think that I type all day and set reminders, email myself notes etc. but I know I should incorporate journaling into my day to day habits.  Recently I have heard about the PASSION PLANNER, BULLET JOURNALING and THE ROCKEFELLER HABITS. These are all items I want to investigate further to assist myself with time management and goal setting.

What Are Your Daily Habits?

Do you perform daily rituals? Are you looking for ways to include some of the ideas mentioned into your life? How do you make your dreams come true? I want to hear from you about what you do or how you plan to accomplish your goals. Let me know in the comments below.
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