Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How PINfluential are you? Pinpuff will Let You Know

Are You A Person Of Pinfluence?

You know how it starts, I HAVE KLOUT.....

(Truthfully my Klout has been locked for months, and either I see a blank screen or a sad puppy when I login so I have no options with that site)

Now that Pinterest is lastest & greatest, there is a way to measure your Pinfluence.

Enter Pinpuff.com 
An easy way to calculate your Pinfluence.  Not sure what Pinfluence is? Below is the explanation from the Pinpuff FAQ

What is Pinfluence?

Definition : Bookish Version
Pinfluence is a relative measure of your popularity, influence, activity, reach (& celebrity levels if applicable) on Pinterest on the scale of 100. It also decides monetary value of your pins & traffic your pins generate.
Definition : Easy to Understand Version
Higher is your Pinfluence score, higher are the chances of you getting Big Brands' attention for working with them on Pinterest.

All that is required to measure your Pinterest Boards are your email and your Pinterest Name, in my case Those2Girls

The calculation time was very quick and this screen appeared

Then I clicked on the purple "here" link to see how it was calculated

So they ROUND UP
I'm now a 47!!!  On Pinpuff, don't ask my age!

Okay so these are the quick stats about my Pinterest account.  Breaks down what is going on in my Pinterest feed.  It also showed me this

So it's giving a dollar value to my pins.  To know more about this breakdown refer to the Pinpuff FAQ page or this post that I was referrred to by one of my Pinterest Pals.  I also received a breakdown for each one of my pin boards.  I'm not sure why some are purple on the list.  I didn't click through any of them.  Perhaps others have? Right now I find it PINteresting that I have more boards than Pinpuff.  I wonder how long that will last?

Do I like Pinpuff ? I'm not sure yet.  Hopefully people don't start comparing each other's Pinpuff Rank.  That just sounds strange.  Being that there is a dollar value assigned, I can see it getting a bit ugly.

I'm not against measuring.  I just don't worry about it (really I'm more confused by the tech part of it).   Many said they left Klout because of it being a ranking system.  I wonder if they count their LIKES, FOLLOWERS & ANALYTICS?  To me those are all measurements as well, but I'm not much of a Math Gal either.

So are you Pinfluential? Full of Klout? Liked by All? What do all these stats mean to you?  Which ones do you care about most (if any)?  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Face Behind the #140confONT Handle for 2012 is...

You may have noticed that the @140confONT handle has became very active over the last week.   Between our annoucement of the 2012 #140confONT #StateOfNow

along with our CALL FOR SPEAKERS

and everything from and that our EARLY BIRD tickets are now available at http://140confont2012.eventbrite.com/ to sharing the lastest & greatest 140confONT info has kept the #140confONT hashtag a buzz!

Have you been wondering who's behind that passionate purple logo for 2012?

Well I'm happy to introduce our @140ConfONT Twitter Community Leader


Wendy is a firm believer that everyone should be using their smart phones more efficiently. Or why have one at all? Maybe her early career with Rogers may have something to do with her obsession with mobile technology. Mobile apps is the name of the game & she's seen the good, bad and the ugly. She writes about her favourties in her blog, AppHipMom. She loves her work with the Women in Biz Network and is a contributor to iVillage Canada. Follow Wendy on Twitter @AppHipMom.

So why not pop by the #140confONT hashtag and say hello?
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