Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tweeting, Meeting & Making Dinner!

Guess who's Back? Back again? Twitter Blog is Back & I made a new Friend (sung in the style of Eminem)

This is both a blog & vlog post because I have a lot to cover!

As you know I love TWITTER. I love it so much! Did I mention I love Twitter?

So many great things have happened to me this year & most are because I'm on Twitter (that's another big post in itself).

This week I got to meet another one of my Twitter Pals FACE TO FACE.
Darryl who can be found @BusterRhinosBBQ or his website

So what is a BUSTER RHINO? Well it's a great company/restaurant that cooks in the Southern Barbecque style.

He had mentioned that he was coming to KW & would anyone want to meet up? & since I'm all about meeting new people I was excited see him!
We had a great chat & he being the wonderful TWITTER he is (people on Twitter are all about sharing info & connecting for the most part)
brought me goodies! I wasn't sure what would be the best way to thank him other than this FULL CAPS ON THANK-YOU!!!!
So I did the next best thing I could & made a YouTube video about it

Congrats Darryl on helping me make a 10 minute dinner!

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