Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gathering of Accomplishments

For the holidays I wrote an article on AMotherWorld about celebrating your accomplishments rather than making resolutions (it's the article on the right side of the page).

I'm hoping to make a list for what I've accomplished for 2009, but I don't want to just toot my own horn, I want to crank it up & celebrate everyone's accomplishments!

I'm hoping all the bloggers out there will write a post about all that they've accomplished this year & post the link to their post in the comments section of this blog.

Then next week I can compile them all & we can have a little party here on my blog.

So what made you proud of yourself this year?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Now I'm doing Blogging Giveaways!

Squeeballs Party Screenshot
Hey there Holiday readers, hope you are well this holiday season!

Things are very exciting around my place! We're busy playing Squeeballs for Nintendo Wii & DS

This game is rated E10, which is perfect for my son!

It's a game about being a toy tester. As a player you must run these toys balls through a variety of challenges to see if they hold up under the Extreme playing situations.
The Squeeballs that pass the tests make it off their island & can go to the toy store.
It's truly a fun & silly game, which makes it perfect for family play.
There are several ways to play it. On our Wii we chose PARTY MODE so we could take turns playing the challenges on the Ladder. As you get better, more challenges are unlocked & added to the Ladder.
I don't know about the DS version yet, as my son won't let me get my hands on it (so I'm guessing that's a good thing).

Want to see why we're giggling all day with this game? Take a look at this short video
Also on the site you can see other info about the game by clicking the buttons on the blender (yup you get to blend a Squeeball - too funny!)

I'm giving away a copy of Squeeballs for Wii & a separate copy of Squeeballs for DS over at my other blog
the post is the same but at the bottom of that post is how to enter.
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