Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What The Web Wednesday - December 31 2014

Kicking Off What The Web Wednesday

Starting today and hopefully continuing on the months to follow I plan to put up a WHAT THE WEB WEDNESDAY LINK UP on the last Wednesday of every month here on this blog. 

I'll post a Web How To and then post a link up at the bottom of the post where you can link up your "how to" as well.  Think of it as knowledge sharing, brain-storming and/or crowdsourcing information that could better your website/blog!
I thought I would kick things off by posting about how to participate!

How To Participate In A Link Up

For this link up there are just a few things to do

  1. Scroll to the end of this post click the Add Your Link Button
  2. Put the link to the actual post (not just the link to your site) in the first field
  3. Type a quick title about the post
  4. Your email (not visible on the link up)
  5. Then click submit link
  6. For every link you leave visit another post on the link up and leave a comment on it
  7. Share this post on one of your social networks

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Snap Perfume Lets You Spritz In A Snap

Counter space in my bathroom is hard to come by. With the toothbrush, blow dryer, straightener and a gazillion hair products there isn't much room left for ornate shaped perfume bottles.  Thankfully @SnapPerfume came to my rescue by providing me with "pocket sized" perfume!  I'm not talking about those leaky sample bottles that you get.  I mean sleak stylish perfume designed to fit practically everywhere! Whether it's on a counter, in a purse or even the back pocket of your jeans, Snap Perfume is designed to fit it all! It allows you to spritz in a snap! Plus Snap Perfume is made out of environmental friendly materials and is 100% recyclable!

A Snapshot of Snap Perfume

Exclusively For Her

SNAP 1: Experience the fragrance of love when it is fresh and new! Designed to awaken the senses and release the spirit of sheer joy, Snap 1’s captivating fragrance for her is perfect when love and happiness is all that matters.
SNAP 7: Every woman wants to feel beautiful, so why not smell the part? Snap 7 for her is a modern exotic fragrance with a hint of mystery that unlocks the free spirit of romance, which every woman desires and deserves.
SNAP 88: Created for a woman who is enthusiastic and full of life, Snap 88 for her is an exciting yet delicate arrangement of harmonious scents that are alluring, sweet and playful.

Exclusively For Him

SNAP 1: Enjoy the fragrance of Snap #1 for him as this crisp sporty scent celebrates and compliments the spirit of masculinity, while rejuvenating the feeling of freshness throughout an active day.
SNAP 7: For the man who has everything, but desires a little bit more. Snap 7 for him defines sophistication and adds a touch of class for a man of ambition who dares to be different.
SNAP 88: From the boardroom to a night on the town. The charismatic scent of Snap 88 for him is perfect for a man with elite style and good taste, who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.

and here is literally a snapshot of my Snap Perfume collection

With great price point Snap Perfume makes a great gift!  Be sure to head over to their Amazon page or Chatters Stores and grab one for you, for a friend, that special someone and anyone in your life that enjoys adding a little snap of scent to their life!

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