Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Should you Buy Local JUST BECAUSE they are LOCAL?

This post is a jump off from my facebook wall earlier this week.  If you're my pal on facebook it can be found here

The gist of it was that my pals made a vlog at a Williams Coffee Pub.  It was brought to their attention that there are a lot of locally owned cafes in KW and that they shouldn't give their money to a CHAIN.

I have experienced both sides of this.  For the better part of my life I worked for a franchise, now I work for a small business, so I feel I can speak about this fairly.

Many people think that working for a popular franchise means constant money coming in.  It doesn't.  There are quotas to be met, if they aren't, hours get cut and a lot of pressure is put on the staff.  So by deciding to avoid these places affects the paycheques of the employees and their working environment.

Small businesses have a lot of challenges too, as they strive to stay original in order to compete in a market with sometimes much larger competition.

FOR ME, it all comes down to CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I have gone into a chain store and have felt like a number, but I've also gone to chain where everyone there is smiling, chats with me and knows what I want to order.

On the flip side I've gone into small businesses with one location and been greeted warmly and appreciated for the dollars I have spent there, but that is not always the case.  I have also visited small businesses that take one look at my son's hockey button on my coat (which I proudly wear!) and have them stick their noses up and turn the other way.  Apparently Mom Jeans and Hockey pics mean that my cash is not welcome there.

I have tons of stories both good and bad from both types of businesses.  I will always go back to the ones that were friendly and helpful.

Here's a fun fact Williams originated in Stratford (I put Brantford on my Facebook, but either way they are both close to KW)
So the by the whole "only LOCAL businesses" logic, that means if a small business becomes successful and expands into different areas you should no longer support them?  What sense does that make?

What influences your choices on where you shop, go to eat, etc?  Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? I'd love to hear if any of this rings true with you or am I way off base.
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