Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cultural Exchange 2.0

Many of you know I do a weekly blast through my local Facebook Group & Blog Stuff To Do With Your Kids In Kitchener Waterloo, but not many of you know why I do it.

In KW there are two sets of FREE/LOW COST Children's Activities.  The first is for Children 6 and under.  The second is for those 13 and up.

If you have a child the age of 7 to 12 you've got a dilema. YES there are all kinds of organizations IE Minor Sports, Drama Schools, Music Lessons etc. to sign up for, but the costs are very high and if you want to do more than one it can be difficult on a budget.

If you're child is very young there are FREE library programs, Early Childhood Centres, Playgroups etc.

If you're a teen there are EYEGO programs, youth festivals etc.

They've forgotten about the tweens here.  They aren't old enough to go places without their parents, but too old to be amused by sing a-longs and cut and paste projects.

There are lots of events in KW but without budgets for advertising it's difficult to get the word out about them (we used to live for the summer, being many of the outdoor festivals offer fun for all).  That's why I do the weekly blast, I research for family events happening locally & glady welcome info from others about great KW happenings and get the word out to the parents in this area.

I saw a "problem" & I found a way to do something about it.

Today THEMUESEUM (a place I fully support any opportunity I get) hosted #CulturalExchange2 which was an evening to meet local candidates and hear their views on Arts & Culture in KW.

I think my "problem" would count as Culture based one.  I figured if I complain about this problem I should be taking steps to rectify it and saw this as an opportunity to hear the opinions of others, about this, and other topics surrounding the Arts & Culture Community in this Region.

I loved the way that the event was set up.  Thankfully it was NOT a debate.  I hate the me vs. you, or it's all their fault type of discussions.

The event was set up as groupings.  Each Candidate had 3 mins to talk about Arts & Culture.  Then the candidates were rotated from table to table to discuss with the attendees their thoughts on the topics.

Our table had an Artist, a CBC advocate, a Social Media/Venue pressence and a MOM.

Being that I am NOT shy I spoke to everyone that came to our table (that's why we were there right?) about Arts & Culture in KW.  I feel we (our table)were heard and I think that candidates felt the same.  One thing did strike me as extremely memorable.  One candidate asked if I was an artist, to which I replied no and explained my "problem"/reason for attending.  I brought up the point that many TEEN events are not well attended because they lose them over the TWEEN years and wonder why they don't come back.  I also mentioned that experiencing new things is also a part of the learning process and the TWEENS may have carried that on to TEEN years had they been given that encouragement from the Arts and Culture sector. The candidates and attendees at the table did not realize that there was such a gap for tween kids in KW.  I hope they do something to change that now that they have been informed. 

Many thanks to THEMUSEUM for hosting an event that opened eyes from both sides of the table.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Following Fans

There are all kinds of blog tours (blog carnivals, memes however you refer to them) to help gain blog readers. There are also comment loops to increase traffic and twitter parties almost every night to help you gain followers and get people reading your info.

What I've noticed a lot of lately are a lot of "Hey want to follow my Fan Page?" requests. I myself am included in this request statement.

No matter how much you update, send invites for followers, add Like buttons linking to the page, etc. I've found it hard to gain followers on the Fan Pages I admin and keep the Fans engaging on the Fan Pages.

My Facebook Profile and Twitter Profile are growing steadily and I am thankful for that, but it seems unless you are a HUGE corporation a lot Fan Pages don't increase in numbers the way that other networks do.

So I've Got A Plan....

Following Fans!

It works like the blog tours, but with a few simple rules if you would like to participate

  • You must have a Facebook Fan Page that get updated AT LEAST once a week (preferrably more to keep your audience engaged)
  • Remember to be HELPFUL to the pages you LIKE (Thumbs Up, Comments etc)
  • If you REALLY REALLY REALLY like their content, make sure to add it to your Page Favorites
Remember the more you give the more you get!

How Do YOU Join in the fun?  Just put the info the boxes below
  1. The Name Of Your Facebook Fan Page
  2. Your Email (it won't be displayed)
  3. The URL for your Facebook Fan Page (IE
When you hit submit it will make a clickable link to your Fan Page. What are you waiting for? Submit yours & start checking out the others listed. A little LIKE can go a LONG way!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eminem Dr Dre and Those2Girls

Driving home today the new Eminem/Dr Dre I NEED A DOCTOR tune came on.  As I'm singing along I came to the realization that their solid friendship is a lot like Diane & my friendship, with the exception of the F-Bombs & Rap Skills.
I know that sounds WHACK (Gangsta enough for you?) but it's true.

We always have each other's back no matter the situation.  We believe in each others goals and are always open to see what new challenges/fun/adventures are coming our way.  We know what Dre & Marshall are talking about when they say about others talking SMACK (see I can do this).  We've been told that we're draining, loud, intense, our ideas won't work, we will fail miserably trying, I could go on, but just like that DUO we don't let any of that noise get in our way.

Why did I write all of this?  Diane needs some cheering up.  She's been ill all week (& truthfully for the better part of month) and needs some encouragement.  She's frustrated and feels that the doctors, pharmascists, natural food store services reps etc. aren't listening to her

But I'm listening.

Sometimes I lean on her, sometimes she leans on me.  Sometimes she's Eminem & Sometimes she's Dr. Dre.

Take a listen & you'll know what I mean

When she's back to perfect health, who knows what we'll tackle next.  Do you have someone like this in your life?  Who's your Eminem?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boobfest from my Perfect little Perch

Last June I was fortunate enough to attend Boobfest.  No it's not a festival of boobs, but it is a festival FOR boob health!
Dee aka @CocktailDeeva spoiled us all with food, fun and fabulousness all for an important cause.  She raised funds to participate in the Weeknend To End Women's Cancers.

That was last June

Flash forward --> Dee has been very inspiring to the women who converse with her online & in real life. 
  • She and sparked a movement with her #BeKind video
  • Turned shoe swapping into a benefit for local food banks.
  • She taught us all how to use technolgy to start convos with our kids via her #DearDaughter video
  • Is always supportive of the people around her
January 1st everyone was announcing their resolutions.  Right now I am so VERY thankful for all the wonderful things that happened in 2010 I decided my resolution was to #PayItForward .  I told Dee that my resolution was to help her with whatever I could this year.  I'm glad she knows I'm true to my word.

I got a message from Dee saying that this year she wanted to add a twitter element to BOOBFEST 2011 & would I be interested in hosting the twitter party right from her party.
I immediately said yes!  Not only was I excited, I was honoured that she would entrust a part of her event to me aka the #TwitterFairy.

I had my only little spot which I called my #TwitterFairy perch.  I was able to interact with guests at the party and with the online donaters.  It was the best of both worlds.

Not only did I get to know more about the online participants, I also had a great perspective of everything going on in the KITCHEN PARTY.  (See what what happened here), which included capturing my now FAVE pic of Dee

When the online & in person parties ended the donations totaled $11,000.00
We'll DEFINATELY Drink to that
(thanks Diane for taking over camera duties!)

Please know that the fundraising continues over at where you can contribute to Dee's 2011 walk.

I can't begin to describe what an amazing night it was, but I hope this #TwitterFairy earned her wings!

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