Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How much can change in just ONE year

It was a year ago this week that this happened http://thesunshineisin.blogspot.com/2009/10/good-morning-blogalicious-buddies-i.html
Although it just seemed like something new, going to an event in Toronto with people I had never met before, who knew it was about to spur a string of events that would change my life?

I love the city I live in. I try to show off all it has to offer, but when I expanded my group of friend to a wonderful network of women from all over Ontario it changed me. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't unhappy with my life. It just became better than it already was. I was always social so meeting new people was never an issue to me. The difference was I met SUPPORTIVE people, something that was quite a rarity in my life (I have a few here in KW & if you're reading this post, count yourself as one of them). I went from cheering on others to being cheered on myself. Instead of being known as "easily excitable Lisa" , things in my life were beginning to excite others as well. I went from being known as the Pizza Girl to the Tiara Girl (a change I welcomed whole-heartily).
In early 2010 I thought it would all break apart. Things were not well for me in a job I had spent more that 20 years at. After all the time I had given to them, I was told that sales were more important than my safety & the safety of my friends who worked with me. The sadness & hurt from that statement stuck with me, and it was these wonderful women who cheered me up (& of course the people in KW who actually did care about my safety-those people get my undying gratitude & friendship. I can never speak how much their friendship means to me, so I write it instead). Spring came & I was embarking a new chapter. I had changed Full Time jobs, and the Spring MeFest had arrived. Now our local event had all of these wonderful women from all over Ontario coming to support our show.

Since spring my life seems to be a whirlwind of events, wackiness & Tiaras (just the way I like it), and to think it all started basically one year ago with a "TweetUp".

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Would You Date a STAYFREE Guy?

I loved the @OldSpice guy ads everyone was buzzing about a month or so ago.

I'm wondering if Stayfree thinks that these will bring them the same hype?

I admit it. I couldn't keep a straight face the whole time. While you're watching this ad try to count how many times you laughed out loud.

It is infectious

So in addtion you can watch

So what's your choice the Vacuumer, the Cook or the Toy Maker
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