Saturday, October 29, 2011

Speed Networking For Women In Kitchener Waterloo

Find You Fuchsia

As you know if there is an event happening, I want to be involved.
If there is a networking element you can be sure I am involved :)
If there is a networking event revolved around the colour Fuchsia, then you know it's a perfect fit!

The Fuchsia Factory is a fun speed networking event for women & it's hit Kitchener Waterloo full force!
Our first event was held at Gibsons Sound & Vision & hosted by the lovely & talented Annie Tran.

It involved business cards, a tambourine & of course a TIARA
But don't think it was just fluffy fun, these ladies got right down to business!

They made connections quickly in an enviroment made for engaging women.  The pace was quick, informal & fun.  What else would you want from a Speed Networking event?
Well maybe these

We capped the night off with CUPCAKES (Thanks @bourbonbaker) & Convos!
We all were excited by the new connections we made & ideas of how to expand our networks.

But don't worry fellas, we want to see you at our next event!

Building on the success of the first #FuchsiaKW we will be hosting CO-ED events as well.  With a mix of both Ladies only & Co-Ed Fuchsia Factory events, gals you can decide where your comfort level is!
Want to know more about The Fuchsia Factory & other great events in the area? We list all events on our Facebook page &

SIDE NOTE - many of the ladies wanted to know about twitter, so here's the post

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My #GGBliss Factor or the Newbie Girl's Journal of #BlissdomCanada

Where do I begin?
I can write a full post about one day event, how am I ever going to create a post about an event that spanned close to 4 days?

I guess I'll start at the beginning.....

Blissdom Canada
A conference of EPIC proportions geared for women involved in blogging.  (I tried looking it up in Wikipedia for the actual definition of the conference & can't find anything about it, so for now we'll just go with mine ok?)

This was to be it's return to Canada after the success of last year (which I missed).  I had heard so much about it that I knew that I need to be at the 2011 event.

Then it happened....

Tickets went on sale on a day I was out for a lunch meeting = sad face.
They were holding a contest & I entered & WON!

& later found out that the original ticket owner was someone I knew & she got another ticket so we'd both be there!

Being that I was a newbie this year I called in some experts to make sure I got to experience it to the best of my abilities!
From that page I found a carpool in a vehicle sponsored by GM Canada!

Flash forward to event day....
As we arrived we noticed Blissdom vehicles ready to whisk us away to CBC.  We were treated to a Red Carpet welcome & a whole lot of awesome!
Let me first start by saying I waited until FIVE people asked me where the tiara was before I propped it on my head.  Soon after followed by many others saying "oh now I recognize you" -I giggle every time I hear that!

I met John who made me travel back in time.  I got to climb on to Mr. Dressup's Tree & peek my head through the Friendly Giant's Castle Window.

I didn't get the opportunity to meet Steven & Chris because I was very busy chatting with all the fabulous people there.
BUT I did get to meet the FAB Mama Yama & she joined the #TiaraARMY (really all you have to do to get in is have a pic in a tiara)

From there we met another Lisa who said she'd make arrangements for another CBC return (but I'll save that for another post).

When I ran into Julia I may have consumed my limit of delicious beverages, but I did tell her..... I believe this is what heaven is like.  Beautiful white curtains, lots of food & drink & surrounded by wonderful people.
I told her I'd write that in my post & so I did.

After the party I met up with some friends, had a bite to eat at a restaurant that I will not name (= not great) followed by a bit of aimless wandering when I was told to GO LEFT (certain readers will definitely giggle at that).

Now that the pre-party was over, it was time to get ready for the actual conference. There were so many panels to choose from so I went with my gut & chose the ones that DIDN'T have anything to do with writing.  It's not really my thing.  I don't get paid for my blogging (unless you count the one I created at work) so I figured I'm not a professional writer.  Plus I knew many who would be attending those so I figured I could get info from them.  My presence at Blissdom Canada was more social based, along with learning about topics that peaked my interest.
Conference DAY 1
After opening introductions of the Blissdom Team, @herbadmother gave a fantastic keynote that I'm sure could win you a scrabble game with.

We started off by breaking off into tribes.  Being the newbie I am, I had no idea what that meant.  I learned that it meant round table discussions about topics.  So my first one lead by @capitalmom & it was for newcomers.  I quickly said I picked this one being a newcomer to this conference (not a newcomer to blogging or attending events).  For my second tribe I picked Don't Niche Me In hosted by @bonstewart because I am so random with all my activities.

My first session
Working with Brands & PR.  I don't do either of those, so why not learn about them?
It was an informative panel & I really liked that when the panel didn't agree with each other they explained why & never created an tension (I don't do well with arguing & drama).  I learned a lot.  I'm not sure if that is an avenue I want to pursue, but if I do I feel I'm prepared.

BREAK which included me getting a massage, a manicure, a blissdom necklace & a pic of me on a Corn Flakes box (yes I love all things crazy fun & unpredictable)

My second session.
Social Good
Something I preach all the time.  Want to know why?  Just watch this (thanks @zchamu)

Needless to say I came out with red swollen eyes & may have killed a tree with the amount of tissues I used, but felt great to be in a room with others who also felt this was an important topic.

Next I found my way to some of the sponsor tables.  That's where I created a Young Driver's video that can be found on their blog

After that there was a discussion about being Canadian-ish (lots to do with Canadian bloggers living in USA & keeping a Canadian perspective).

Hello #mabelbliss hosted Mabel's Labels.

Let's just say I felt very spoiled!
What's better than being spoiled? Being spoiled & having your BFF come join the party!
Two Tiaras are always better than One

After that we grabbed a dinner (or not really) at the restaurant that shall not be named.  Followed by some socializing with new pals.
Conference DAY 2
(also Tweetstock Tshirt day)
First session Viral Topic
The day started out with smiles & laughter because of this (thanks @thatericalper)

But there were some tears too (happy tears are always the best).  The panel talked about all their experiences brought them to "viral status" very different ways.  It was all about emotional connections.

BREAK -we ended up finding what I refer to as Adam Squared (the two Adams of @atomicspark) we created a little shout out to our friends at Tweetstock (since they appeared our vid which was in my winning post that got me there in the 1st place).  We also got to see the promo vid that they made with Kitestring.  You know you have arrived when a Muppet gives you a shout out!

Second Session Personal Branding

Which could also be called the funniest panel I've ever had the opportunity to hear.  The were honest & hilarious.  There were tears too, inspirational ones.  The ones that make you appreciate things.
I also took away some great advice from Dee.  Your twitter bio is free make the most of it.  So I did.

Third Session Transmedia
I picked this one because I didn't know what it meant.  It was more for those looking to run a business, but I had some great takeaways. Not a $20 takeaway that was offered up to anyone in the room that wanted to run up & grab it.  A takeaway from Laura who told me I was right not to just take anything that was presented in front of me.  That was worth more than $20 any day.

BREAK - somehow I ended up in para fin wax with mitts on, then learning salsa, followed by a mini workout session (so you know I loved all of it)

Final Session
Old vs New Media a panel about ways people find news & how different medias influence each other.

What's that time for another PARRRRR-TAY!
& a Costume Karaoke party at that!

Somehow both Diane & I ended up in "WHO WORE IT BETTER?" pics (but the fun & friendly kind, not the rude & judgey kind).

& just when you think the party can't get any more amazing.....

@JordanKnight shows up!

...... & he dances with  MEEEEEEEEEEEE

On the days following I find out I'm on the websites for CBC, Entertainment Weekly & ET Canada
This is just my quick recap.  I have stories about the wonderful people I saw & chatted with, how much fun I had, & how much I learned.
BUT what I will be known best for is being the girl who danced with Jordan Knight while wearing a tiara & dressed as Supergirl.

What did you takeaway from the conference?  Leave a comment & let me know.  Have a whole bunch to say? Then write a post & add it to my Blissdom LINKS
To see all my pics head over to my facebook

I have so many people to thank that made this experience happen for me.  I appreciate the kindness that was bestowed upon me & hope I can make all I learned useful for you as well.

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