Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cambridge Towel Canadian Made

Made In Canada 

Last week we learned there is more to a towel than meets the eye.  Cambridge Towel is the last TRUE manufacturer in North America.

We spoke to Jason of Cambridge Towel last week and learned a lot about what makes a Cambridge Towel so great!

  • All of their dyes are safe
  • They create the whole towel from start to the packaging finish
  • They use only high quality materials to create their towels
But don't take my word for it.  We went to visit Jason at the Cambridge Towel Tent Sale and he told us all about it!

Look out Vanna White!  Diane's stepping in!

For more info on the great things happening with Cambridge Towel make sure to Like them on Facebook
and follow them on Twitter
With Canada Day quickly approaching, what better way to celebrate than buying CANADIAN?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where Do I Find The Words?

I Can Do This

This post will be all over the place, thought wise.  Just a warning. Normally I tag a gazillion things but not for this post. If spelling and grammar are important to you, please just shut your eyes as I dump my brain all over this post.

Amazing things happened tonight, to me.  I saw a hug.  Not one where someone gives you a squeeze and says see ya soon.  This was different.  I felt the warmth of a community wrap there arms around me, and it moved me to tears.

What happened is really kind of blur to me.  There were so many things happening after that, I must have had some sort of emotions pushing me through to carry on for the remainder of the night.

Afterwards I went out with a small crowd for a post event snack.  There I got to sit with Stephanie who asked me all about the events that had me so overwhelmed.  I explained how my day started with the realization that someone broke into my car and stole my GPS, & how I sent it out to the tweeps & facebook pals about what happened & their  received thoughtful messages which was so nice to hear. From there how after taking my son to school I cried on my way to work because I didn't want to end up being over emotional when I arrived, and figured that was the best way to let it out.  Well that didn't help. I found myself on the brink of tears for the 1st hour of my work day.  Being that I work with all guys I knew I had to come up with a new plan of attack.  I decided to change my outlook about it and try to add humour and see the good that can be found in what had happened.  During my break I wrote a letter to the new owner of my GPS. So many people said that my post made them laugh.  That was what I needed to hear.  I could now face people I knew with a smile and a giggle.  Flash forward, I arrive at the Gibsons event I'm speaking with a group of my friends and then they asked to come & see Annie.  I figure we're getting picture before the event starts.  Then Jacki (who you may also know as the Snicker Fairy) comes in from behind & says that she has something for me, from everyone because of my rough day.  Okay what a nice gesture I'm thinking, a little pick me up.  I was wrong when I thought a little pick me up.  How about a LIFT MY SPIRITS TO THE CEILING & BEYOND!!!!  Here in this gift bag is a GPS for me.  I tried to shove it back at Jacki because I was in TOTAL SHOCK.  When I realized that she was telling me how many people were involved I broke down into tears for the 2nd time today.  These tears were different.  Happy tears.  Now remember I just met Stephanie face to face for the 1st time tonight.  She learned a whole lot about me in just a few minutes BUT I told her the whole story with out any tears.  So I figure okay I'm good.  I can go home and thank all that were involved without needing tissues.
Then I saw this.....

I take back what I said about not needing tissues, and I hope red puffy eyes are a good look for me, because I think that's the look I'm sporting for tomorrow.  So how do you say Thank-you when this happens?  I thanked people that I saw, but what about the others that weren't there?  People that have met me a handful of times but I talk to everyday?  When Jacki gets me a proper list and I get my head on straight, then I'll do it right.  No more rambling, no more tears, just .... I don't know what that "just" is right now, but when I figure that out it will mean something!

Open Letter To The New Owner Of My GPS

A Recap of My Wednesday Morning

Dear New Owner/Thief, or Person Who Bought/Traded for my GPS from said Thief,

I hope you are navigating around much easier since your new found TomTom has arrived in your possession.  I thought you might want to know the History it's had since in case you need to ever know where its travelled to & how much great it was to be it's previous owner.  This way you'll come to appreciate it as more than the "piece of HOT merch" you now have.

Our story begins several months ago when I purchased "her".  Yes it's a she.  If you plug it in, you'll hear the female voice that it's set to.  I believe her name was Isabella by voice call.  I should have gotten to know her better, but I guess I took for granted that we'd be driving buddies for years to come.

Back on track... she came into my life as I rescued her from a cage in Canadian Tire and brought her home for Christmas.  She and I have had our battles.  I have ignored her even though she has tried to make me see it her way, and make me turn around, but she eventually takes my stubbornness into account and re-evaluates the situation.  She is also a confidence builder.  I have never driven anywhere Hamilton way because I am always confused in the QEW area, but because of her earlier this month I made the trip to Burlington and was planning a trip to Niagara next month.  She'll also make you giggle.  She describes Roundabout as a Rotaray & she pronounces Weber St. as We-ay-bar St.

I was also looking forward to giving her a full make-over next month.  You see she was about to become a he.  For surprise for my son's birthday I was about to change her over to become Darth Vader, but I'm sure you will decide what is best for her now. As her new owner and I'm sure you will cherish her as much as I did, being that you wanted her so badly that you couldn't wait to go to Canadian Tire and adopt one of your own.

So here are my thank-yous I must extend.  I DO THANK-YOU FOR NOT DAMAGING MY CAR.  It's been through enough this year, so I do thank-you for not breaking any windows & being kind enough to let me know she was gone by leaving my glove box & arm console open for me to realize she had been relocated.  Also I thank-you for being professional enough to know how to do this without setting off my alarm and not causing me to freak-out during the process of her being removed from my premises.

I also thank-you for giving her a place in history.  She now has a police report number.  I knew that they would not go looking for her, but felt she needed to be recognized.  The officer was really nice to speak to this morning & said she will most like be bartered for, perhaps for something prescriptive, that's what he must have meant when he said Drugs.  He also asked me if I'll be claiming it through my insurance, but I said no as my deductible would be more than the cost to buy a brand new one.  This leads me to my next thank-you.

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to for Christmas 2011.  My son is in the process of getting braces and I'm hoping to make a trek to Great Wolf Lodge this year as we haven't gone away to an overnight vacation since 2008, so I won't be replacing her anytime soon.  Now I don't have to worry about what I will get myself this year. 

But I really want to thank-you for challenging me.  I always try to look for the good in every situation.  This one was tough, but when my supportive friends on facebook and twitter immediately sent me messages to make me feel better, that is the silver lining that I am going with.  No one was hurt, everyone is healthy and this situation will be just a hiccup in the grand scheme of things.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Donating Daily

Cure for Clothes Clutter

My house is so cluttered with clothing.  I have an 11 turning 12 year old & at that age they grow like weeds.  I also am guilty of of clothes clutter myself.  With the strange weather we've had for the month of June I've worn t-shirts, sweaters, shorts and jeans over the last few weeks.  It's wreaking havoc on my laundry baskets, and overflowing my washing machine.

Ceasing this Opportunity

So while I see mountains of clothing that need to be folded and put away, I am making a pact to rid myself of items I no longer need.  I live 5 mins away from a Salvation Army and I work 5 mins away from a Value Village so I am going to donate daily. 

Everyday until I feel the task is completed I am going to pack up 1 garbage bag of clothes to donate.  Instead of undertaking a MASS CLEAROUT which I never seem to get around to doing, I'm going to break it down to an achievable task.

On the days I don't do it (because I tend to run, run, run) I will force myself to double up the next day, because really 2 bags is not a lot either.

Readily Rewarded

For my 1st day I rewarded myself with Swiss Chalet for dinner (being that it's in the same plaza as the Salvation Army it was just meant to be).  I won't reward myself everyday, but getting started requires some motivation.

So pals I'm asking you to keep me accountable.  I'm going to check in everyday on this post and will let you know if I completed my daily task.

How do you tackle an overwhelming task?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is Brantford the Centre of the Universe? #Tweetstock5

Tweetstock 5

This week entailed another adventure to Brantford for Tweetstock 5 - Art Of The Community.
What does that mean?  Kevin Magee said the idea came to him at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  It's about creating something in Brantford that will change how the people there feel about their city.

But I don't live in Brantford

(Although most people think I do)

My community is created online and extended to the places that it takes me to.  My last Tweetstock post spoke of how I came to meet the creators of Tweetstock and became sucked into the GREATNESS they have happening there.

The community they are creating reaches far beyond the Brantford city limits.  They are creating a movement.  Its something that everyone can take part of.  It can be incorporated in any part of the world where passionate and caring people live.

Walter Gretzky says that Brantford is the Centre of the Universe.
& I'm starting to think he's right.

Friday, June 17, 2011

#GGBliss could have been a miss if I lived in Saudi Arabia

Travel Post?
This is not your typical travel post, but then again what is typical about me anyway?
So to start off is having a FIND YOUR BLISS Contest & for the last couple of weeks I've been trying to think of something AMAZING to write.
So far that hasn't happened, but something did spark this post.

When I woke up to the radio on my alarm clock this morning, I heard them joking about how Saudi Arabian women are breaking the law by driving.  Apparently they are uploading videos of themselves driving around.  Although I have a VERY odd sense of humour, this didn't strike me as funny at all.  Infact I never thought about it being against the law for women to drive in other countries.  Then I thought how different my life would be if I wasn't allowed to drive.  How many friendships would have never came to be?

I love going to events and meeting people Face to Face.  When you can take your online friendships and create an IN REAL LIFE HUGFEST nothing tops that!

So I rely on my car to travel, whether it's to get to Toronto, OakvilleBurlington ,or HIGHLY EXOTIC locales like Brantford or Cobourg I am thankful that I have the right to drive.  So as of today my favorite place to travel is Highway 401
It takes me to HUGS.

(I have always said that Bon Jovi songs tell the story of my life)

So that is my @GoGirlfriend contest entry & like I said not your typical travel post.  I leave that to the experts.
If you're still not convinced that I need to go to Blissdom Canada, we also put together a little presentation with the help of our good friends from Tweetstock

Monday, June 6, 2011

Life Changing Moment

Do you ever have one of those moments that you know will change your life forever?  I've been fortunate to have had a few of them.  It happened again tonight.  The moment lasted 4 hours.  It included
  • a dinner
  • a dessert bar
  • an Educational Assistant/BFF & friend of all things Tiara 
  • a Social Media Strategist/Travel Specialist/Connector & someone I truly admire
  • a Mortgage broker in transition to a new online identity. Who lives far away but just close enough
  • a Mediator with a knack for always taking it all in & knowing all the right things to say
  • a Real Estate Agent with a big heart. Who is always ready to do what he can to help
  • an Apple Specialist that applies his knowledge to help people on the other side of the globe
  • a Software professional that taught us all to Think Big & Then Think BIGGER
  • Brantford Royalty, who always make me feel like I belong & included & appreciated
  • A Social Media professional who loves travel books & easily fits in with our crew from all walks of life
  • A Rock Star who believes in our goal & willing to give his name & reputation to what we will accomplish
Tonight we went from the "small potates #140confSWO" to the "Larger Than Life #140confONT"

Tonight we were taken seriously by 140 Characters Conference creator Jeff Pulver. 

Tonight we listened to the stories of events past, and felt like we there.  Four hours passed quicker than five minutes tonight.  I could have stayed and listened for hours and hours more.  Jeff shared what his conference started out as, and what it has become. 
There was something in the air tonight.  I think all of there felt it.  It was a sense of pride.  We are doing this here, in Kitchener, in Waterloo Region, in Southwestern Ontario, for all Ontario and are the first in Canada.

The 140 Conference is coming to Canada.  Sept 15, 2011

We have Jeff's blessing and will take pride in becoming the first team to bring it North of the USA border.

This night will be remembered as a moment in time.  A time where someone who didn't already know me and my group of extrodinary friends and gave us a gift of trust.
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