Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer is about to hit!

For those of you who read my post about earlier this week, you knew we had planned on going to Bingemans.
It wasn't the warmest day, but we were determined.
Well when we pulled up half an hour after it opened, I felt like Clark Griswold entering the parking lot at Wally World (National Lampoon's Vacation - now you get it right?).
The parking lot was empty & none of the water areas were running.
Well that doesn't stop little old me! We hopped out of the Blue Beast (aka Mini-Van) & entered the Funworx building. The attendant then tells us that a bird hit a wire (que the Aaron Neville) & knocked out the power 2 hours earlier. Apparently they were working on it.
We waited a bit (more families showed up) & a manager came & said that we could walk down the hill & play mini gold while we wait. Before we went I spoke with the attendant about the Ticket Opps situation (see earlier post), she couldn't believe it & said that Ticket Opps has the wrong info. After that we were about to head to the mini golf (as a bunch of others had) & all of a sudden all of the power came one.
Guess what? We were 2nd into the waterpark & 1st at the Splash Pad. My son had it all to himself for about 15 mins.
Summer truly did hit! Don't believe me yet? Take a look & click the pic below.

Here's to keeping it Sunny!

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