Saturday, August 25, 2012

Use Your Camera On Your Smartphone Phone and Find Your Stuff

Keep Track Of It All

I came across this video from iVillage

This is a great idea and here are some other great ways to use your camera/smartphone to help you find your stuff

  1. Take a picture of the items that kids toys that need to go in specific bins and tape a picture of it on the side.  Even children that have not learned to read yet can recognize where there stuff belongs (IE crayons, books, lego)
  2. Take a picture of your parking space (I got this idea from @1ofthose2girls).  I've done this on several locations.  Just take a pic of your parking space number and level number.  You can delete it when you're back at your vehicle
  3. Stack up library books as soon as you get them home and take a pic of the spines.  That way when it is time to return them, you can be sure you have not forgotten any
  4. Calendars can get so cluttered with so many things and sometimes errors are made when jotting down the info. Often activity/school calendars are sent home.  Take a pic of each calendar so you can be certain you have the right times/dates etc.
  5. Find your favorite recipes.  Instead of combing through a ton of your recipe books to find that one dessert you made for last year's BBQ, take a pic of the recipe.  If it's too big then take a picture of the book and what page it can be found on.
Have any other tips for using pictures to help you get organized? Lets hear them! Leave a comment and share the knowledge!

Friday, August 24, 2012

When Does Walking Away Suddenly Make You A Target?

Let's just say a lot of events have led up to this post.  This will not be the typical post you are used to reading on my blog.  You have been warned.

This morning I woke to hear that Lance Armstrong was to be stripped of his cycling achievements because he no longer wanted to fight allegations of doping.

Where does it say that walking away from something automatically makes you guilty?   It's sad to see a world where your efforts to make change for good come secondary to scandal. 

Take a time out from this post and read my friend Neil's thoughts which will then lead you to the post on the Lance Armstrong website

Does this sound like a man that is guilty? To me it sounds like someone who's ready to move on to bigger and better things.  Choosing to concentrate on what brings out the best of him instead of what has been a big chip on his shoulder.


I don't know.  Frankly it doesn't matter to me. Reporters continue to say actions speak louder than words, and  they say by Lance Armstrong walking away he is showing he is guilty.

Well what about these actions?

During his treatment, before his recovery, before he even knew his own fate, he created the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This marked the beginning of Lance's life as an advocate for people living with cancer and a world representative for the cancer community.

(Quoted from LIVESTRONG)

and the action that meant so much to those living in my community.

Ride With Lance brought much needed dollars to Kitchener Waterloo for The Grand River Hospital's Cancer Centre  (that's right, he didn't take the funds raised back to the US for the LIVESTRONG foundation, they stayed right here in Kitchener Waterloo). It also brought a lot of community awareness to our area. The first Ride With Lance happened without too much attention until after the event.  The city was buzzing about how much was raised during the top secret fundraiser. In years to come it became almost a city wide scavenger hunt to figure out the route the Ride With Lance would take.

In 2010 I heard on twitter that Lance was in town and later that day I noticed some temporary fencing going up at the end of my street.  I grabbed my flip cam and off I went 

The following year I was approached to help with a project to help a cancer survivor raise funds to participate in the final Ride For Lance.  I was thrilled to be involved. Marcel's Journey did lead him to wear the yellow jersey in the final ride.


Millions of dollars to our local hospital....
They will hard pressed to tarnish the shine of Lance Armstrong here in Kitchener Waterloo.

I myself have walked away from two things this summer that I was very passionate about.  Does that make me guilty of something? What does that say about my actions?   Have you ever walked away because of frustration?  Do you think that cancels out all of your credibility?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinterest As A Search Engine


When someone asks a question, the majority of the time the answer is GOOGLE IT!

I would take it one step further and tell them to go on youtube and type the subject then demo

IE Smartphone demo or Hairstyle tutorial or Step By Step .... in this case how to build a boat

I think you can learn how to do almost anything from YouTube videos.  The problem is sometimes they are very long-winded or take a long time to load depending you internet connection.

Enter Pinterest

I have mentioned in other posts why you should join Pinterest.  Now that most have a good working knowledge of the site it is time to use it to search for the answers to the dilemmas you have.  Find out how to learn to sew, plan parties, create crafts and more.  The search bar on Pinterest can help you find so many things.  The key is to be very general then pick which demo works best for you. For example typing in HOW TO BAKE A PIE has fewer results than just typing in PIE.  Now don't go thinking this is just for the domestic goddess (which most of you know I AM NOT).  Type in astronomy or write a novel and you will find info for that as well. Sometimes it will be in video form, other times you may need to click through to the corresponding post, but most often the info is all laid out for you.

So the next time you have a question, try using Pinterest as a search engine and let me know how it worked out.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Celebrities That Look Like Other Celebrities

Do every notice how similar some celebrities look? Do you wonder if it is done on purpose to increase their popularity?  Here are just a few that I think look very similar.  Wonder who they are? See the answers below

  • Row 1 - James Caviezel and Eric Roberts
  • Row 2  - Brooke Shields and Rachel Weisz
  • Row 3 - Matthew McConaughey and Josh Lucas
  • Row 4 - Natalie Portman and Ashely Judd
  • Row 5 - Mickey Rourke and Gary Oldman
  • Row 6 Mickey Rourke (from the past) and Bruce Willis (from the past) 

So do you agree or disagree?  Do you have any to add to the list? Leave a comment and yours might be in the next post of Celebrities That Look Like Other Celebrities

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Klout Changes

Did You Get A Boost?

I like Klout. I know many of you dislike it, delete it etc. but as far as social media sites go, I like it much more than Google+ and LinkedIN (even though I can be found there as well).

I am an over-sharer on Twitter and Facebook and Klout seems to appreciate that. 

I don't really care if my score goes up or down. I think of  it as another fun way to interact online.  Last summer my Klout was locked when they switched how the score was calculated, so I'm just happy to be back on and be able to return all the +Ks that were bestowed upon me.  Many said I should delete my account and restart, but I'm glad I didn't because I earned this

So worth it right?!?!

I could write a long post about how Klout is changing but I figure I'll let you watch this quick vid to make it much more entertaining.

You can learn more about this on the Klout Blog.
Did you know I was once in a video with Klout's CEO Joe Fernandez?
He summoned Diane and myself to rescue Chris Farais from Scott Stratten.

Don't believe me? Then watch this

Okay so it was a fictitious promo based on a bunch of 007 movies, but still it happened.
It will be interesting to see what happens next with Klout, and all the new postings that will come along with it. You can log in to the new look Klout here and you can see what my most popular posts have been.  I'm sure it will work for your profile as well once you are logged in.
If you're not on Klout yet, I suggest you give it a try. Just click the link to get started

Let me know when you're on and I'll send some +K your way!

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