Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movember is going to be a BALL

Where did the month of Movember go? Truthfully I guess I can see it on the faces of the Mo Bro participants.  What started out as some clean shaven fellas, has become a group of 70's cops, or the members of the Village People.

My year two Movember experience has been very different than Movember 2010.  Last year I had to explain what Movember is.  This year was more about encouraging the participants to get prostate exams and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

This year Movember went to 2 new venues, MeFest & Tweetstock.  Both spots encouraged many to sign up and become CITZENS OF MOVEMBER.  Infact our STACHE TO THE FUTURE group extended from Guelph to Oakville (hitting all points in between, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford & more).  I was even able to get my boss in on the Mo Growing efforts of the local region!

Being that the END OF MOVEMBER is just a week away, we need to start some celebrating!  Next Thursday Dec 1, 2011 Kitchener Waterloo is holding their first MOVEMBER BALL
There will be fun & games to be had, all with a MOUSTACHE theme!
Your ticket price includes admission, hot hors d'oeuvres, dancing & entertainment, as well as the chance at some free drink tickets.

Make sure to bring some extra cash to ensure you can participate in the raffles & draws and who knows perhaps you'll be crowned Mr/Miss Movember!

WAIT........ I've got just one more surprise.
I have a discount code for YOU! Just head to
and enter the CODE those2girls then watch the magic happen (& by magic I mean you'll save 20% on your purchase)

So go get your tickets before they are gone & look forward to seeing you next week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Movember Year Two MO-tivation

Today is Day 2 of Year 2 of my Movember participation.  Everyone has different reasons for participaiting in Movember.  Some are survivors, some are supporters, some are remembering others that have passed away & many are wanting to partake in the fun & festivities.
The real reason behind Movember KW (_/\_) is to raise awareness & motivate prostate exams.

Here's Rick Mercer explaining the importance of the exam

I have a Son, a Dad, a Brother & so many guy Friends & I want them to be healthy for a very long time.
That's my Mo-tivation

Are you participating in MOVEMBER?
Then write a post about your MO-tivation & link it here

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