Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting Organized To Be Organized In 2013

That's The Plan

For the last few years I have stayed away from making New Year's Resolutions.  Usually I just want to be supportive of the goals of others. I am still happy to do that, but I have always wanted to accomplish the goal of being more organized.  I think I manage my time well, but when there is a time crunch involved I tend to focus on only one thing which leaves everything else in disarray. That results in a lot of catch up later or leave it for a rainy day instances.  It gets to be quite a workload when you have to do everything at once. 

So for 2013 I really want to get back to basics and find ways to make things run more smoothly.  I know being more organized will make everyday tasks much easier, so while I will not strive for perfection, I plan on giving it a valiant effort.

Anything is commonly considered organized when it looks like everything has a correct order or placement. But it's only ultimately organized if any element has no difference on time taken to find it.
The second part of that definition is what rang true to me.  I tend to often forget where I've put things, what page I'm on in a book I'm reading,  and what I need to grab at the grocery store.  This is where the unravelling begins for me.  This is how my time management becomes a big rush to the finish.  I need to find ways to keep my plans on track instead of throwing it out the window and starting back at square one.

This year I plan to make a plan.  It's one thing to say you'll do something but another to take action and make it happen. I know I need to get some things in order so that I can take the steps to creating organized systems that work for me.

Implementing My Plan

I know that I procrastinate on things that I dread doing. I also know that when the tasks are done I feel a sense of accomplishment and relief.  I'm going to base my plans and goals around that.  Here are some of the ways I am going to grab 2013 by the organizing bins!

  • Always start with the task I dread doing to get it out of the way and leaving more time for things I enjoy (like blogging!)
  • Don't be afraid to get rid of stuff.  If it doesn't have a purpose, take a picture of it for the memory and say adios to it
  • Put things in writing. I read this in a book once, write down 6 things you need to do that day, if you only get 3 done, then the additional 3 tasks are the first 3 things on the next day's list
  • There's an app for that.  I've found the Lift app to be very interesting and plan on putting it to good use
  • Train my brain.  I've started playing around with and while I am only using the free version I am enjoying seeing the results and will look for more free brain trainers
  • Freshen up and fix it up.  You know that great feeling you get when you come back from the hairdresser? I get the same feeling when I get around to changing light bulbs and sprucing things up. I need to do more of that
  • Know that it will be all okay.  This might be the most important point of the list.
Do you have an organizing strategy or helpful hints? Please leave them in the comments, because I can use all the help I can get!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Movember Challenge - Klout It Up!

Making the MOst of Your Klout

The challenge today is to give some +Ks on Klout to people who are participating in Movember.  It's free to do and if you tweet out you're +K's I am sure you will receive some thank-yous from those who are the +K recipients.

Not sure how to give a +K to someone?  Here are the Steps to make the MOst of your Klout.

  1. Login into your KLOUT page
  2. In the left column under your profile pic it will list YOUR INFLUENCERS click the "see more" by that and a new page will show up with a list of your KLOUT pals and their topics.
  3. Beside the people on the list will be topics that they are influential in. Just click on of the topics to give them +Ks
  4. A box will pop up asking if you to tweet/share your +K. Pick one (twitter works best with Klout messaging).
  5. A message will pop up that will inform the Klout receipient of your +K props! Just hit tweet/share and voila you have just sent some KLOUT their way!
Don't have any Klout pals participating in Movember? Here's a list of some Movember peeps.  Did I miss you? Let me know by leaving a comment below with your Klout page.

Then add your name to the LINKY at the bottom of this post

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Movember Challenge - Movember 2012

Finding Some Movember MOjo

It's that time of year again!  Movember 2012 has arrived and I am once again participating in the fun.  Every year I try to up the ante in how I participate.  I guess you could call it finding my Movember MOjo

 (see how you can find yours too at the bottom of this post!)

If you are not quite sure what Movember is exactly you can learn more info on  If you decide to sign up I hope you will join the STACHE TO THE FUTURE team.  You can find the link on my MO SPACE near the right side of the page.

I am proud to say that this year I am involved in organizing two Movember events.  The first one happens Movember 10th (which is really November 10th for those not familiar with the Movember terminology).  It will be a Movember Kids KW Day as a partnership with STUFF TO DO WITH YOUR KIDS IN KITCHENER WATERLOO and THE KITCHENER MARKET

The second being a Movember Networking Event happening at THE SIGN DEPOT in Kitchener Ontario on Movember 22nd (November 22) also know as #SignDepMO

My Movember started on my first day back to work after my vacation.  That evening I attended the KW Movember Kick Off Party. Being part of the KW Movember committee I was given the task to sell tickets to the Movember Ball happening at the end of the month.  I was able to sell 10 MoBall tickets in about 2 hours.  It was a bit of a challenge as I was dipping into the cash people had allotted to beer and poutine.

Movember Can Be Challenging

While selling the MoBall tickes I was able to meet and chat with a lot of great people.  Everyone there had at least one thing in common, they were participating in Movember.  For some it was something they had done for a few years, but for many it was a new challenge they were taking on this year.  During my first year the challenge was to get KW on the Movember Map!  A challenge our team was quite successful at and KW became an official Movember city the following year.  My second Movember year was to make as many in KW aware of all the great ways to participate in Movember, whether it be by encouraging people to sign up or by letting them know about the great Movember Events taking place. Today I decided that for year three I am going to do my best to challenge myself everyday for the rest of Movember 2012.

Want to Join Me? 

I posted the first challenge on my Facebook.  Want to join and be part of the daily challenges? Don't worry everything will be in the spirit of fun!  Take a second and sign up below. Then check this blog daily for the next challenge.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Use Your Camera On Your Smartphone Phone and Find Your Stuff

Keep Track Of It All

I came across this video from iVillage

This is a great idea and here are some other great ways to use your camera/smartphone to help you find your stuff

  1. Take a picture of the items that kids toys that need to go in specific bins and tape a picture of it on the side.  Even children that have not learned to read yet can recognize where there stuff belongs (IE crayons, books, lego)
  2. Take a picture of your parking space (I got this idea from @1ofthose2girls).  I've done this on several locations.  Just take a pic of your parking space number and level number.  You can delete it when you're back at your vehicle
  3. Stack up library books as soon as you get them home and take a pic of the spines.  That way when it is time to return them, you can be sure you have not forgotten any
  4. Calendars can get so cluttered with so many things and sometimes errors are made when jotting down the info. Often activity/school calendars are sent home.  Take a pic of each calendar so you can be certain you have the right times/dates etc.
  5. Find your favorite recipes.  Instead of combing through a ton of your recipe books to find that one dessert you made for last year's BBQ, take a pic of the recipe.  If it's too big then take a picture of the book and what page it can be found on.
Have any other tips for using pictures to help you get organized? Lets hear them! Leave a comment and share the knowledge!

Friday, August 24, 2012

When Does Walking Away Suddenly Make You A Target?

Let's just say a lot of events have led up to this post.  This will not be the typical post you are used to reading on my blog.  You have been warned.

This morning I woke to hear that Lance Armstrong was to be stripped of his cycling achievements because he no longer wanted to fight allegations of doping.

Where does it say that walking away from something automatically makes you guilty?   It's sad to see a world where your efforts to make change for good come secondary to scandal. 

Take a time out from this post and read my friend Neil's thoughts which will then lead you to the post on the Lance Armstrong website

Does this sound like a man that is guilty? To me it sounds like someone who's ready to move on to bigger and better things.  Choosing to concentrate on what brings out the best of him instead of what has been a big chip on his shoulder.


I don't know.  Frankly it doesn't matter to me. Reporters continue to say actions speak louder than words, and  they say by Lance Armstrong walking away he is showing he is guilty.

Well what about these actions?

During his treatment, before his recovery, before he even knew his own fate, he created the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This marked the beginning of Lance's life as an advocate for people living with cancer and a world representative for the cancer community.

(Quoted from LIVESTRONG)

and the action that meant so much to those living in my community.

Ride With Lance brought much needed dollars to Kitchener Waterloo for The Grand River Hospital's Cancer Centre  (that's right, he didn't take the funds raised back to the US for the LIVESTRONG foundation, they stayed right here in Kitchener Waterloo). It also brought a lot of community awareness to our area. The first Ride With Lance happened without too much attention until after the event.  The city was buzzing about how much was raised during the top secret fundraiser. In years to come it became almost a city wide scavenger hunt to figure out the route the Ride With Lance would take.

In 2010 I heard on twitter that Lance was in town and later that day I noticed some temporary fencing going up at the end of my street.  I grabbed my flip cam and off I went 

The following year I was approached to help with a project to help a cancer survivor raise funds to participate in the final Ride For Lance.  I was thrilled to be involved. Marcel's Journey did lead him to wear the yellow jersey in the final ride.


Millions of dollars to our local hospital....
They will hard pressed to tarnish the shine of Lance Armstrong here in Kitchener Waterloo.

I myself have walked away from two things this summer that I was very passionate about.  Does that make me guilty of something? What does that say about my actions?   Have you ever walked away because of frustration?  Do you think that cancels out all of your credibility?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinterest As A Search Engine


When someone asks a question, the majority of the time the answer is GOOGLE IT!

I would take it one step further and tell them to go on youtube and type the subject then demo

IE Smartphone demo or Hairstyle tutorial or Step By Step .... in this case how to build a boat

I think you can learn how to do almost anything from YouTube videos.  The problem is sometimes they are very long-winded or take a long time to load depending you internet connection.

Enter Pinterest

I have mentioned in other posts why you should join Pinterest.  Now that most have a good working knowledge of the site it is time to use it to search for the answers to the dilemmas you have.  Find out how to learn to sew, plan parties, create crafts and more.  The search bar on Pinterest can help you find so many things.  The key is to be very general then pick which demo works best for you. For example typing in HOW TO BAKE A PIE has fewer results than just typing in PIE.  Now don't go thinking this is just for the domestic goddess (which most of you know I AM NOT).  Type in astronomy or write a novel and you will find info for that as well. Sometimes it will be in video form, other times you may need to click through to the corresponding post, but most often the info is all laid out for you.

So the next time you have a question, try using Pinterest as a search engine and let me know how it worked out.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Celebrities That Look Like Other Celebrities

Do every notice how similar some celebrities look? Do you wonder if it is done on purpose to increase their popularity?  Here are just a few that I think look very similar.  Wonder who they are? See the answers below

  • Row 1 - James Caviezel and Eric Roberts
  • Row 2  - Brooke Shields and Rachel Weisz
  • Row 3 - Matthew McConaughey and Josh Lucas
  • Row 4 - Natalie Portman and Ashely Judd
  • Row 5 - Mickey Rourke and Gary Oldman
  • Row 6 Mickey Rourke (from the past) and Bruce Willis (from the past) 

So do you agree or disagree?  Do you have any to add to the list? Leave a comment and yours might be in the next post of Celebrities That Look Like Other Celebrities

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Klout Changes

Did You Get A Boost?

I like Klout. I know many of you dislike it, delete it etc. but as far as social media sites go, I like it much more than Google+ and LinkedIN (even though I can be found there as well).

I am an over-sharer on Twitter and Facebook and Klout seems to appreciate that. 

I don't really care if my score goes up or down. I think of  it as another fun way to interact online.  Last summer my Klout was locked when they switched how the score was calculated, so I'm just happy to be back on and be able to return all the +Ks that were bestowed upon me.  Many said I should delete my account and restart, but I'm glad I didn't because I earned this

So worth it right?!?!

I could write a long post about how Klout is changing but I figure I'll let you watch this quick vid to make it much more entertaining.

You can learn more about this on the Klout Blog.
Did you know I was once in a video with Klout's CEO Joe Fernandez?
He summoned Diane and myself to rescue Chris Farais from Scott Stratten.

Don't believe me? Then watch this

Okay so it was a fictitious promo based on a bunch of 007 movies, but still it happened.
It will be interesting to see what happens next with Klout, and all the new postings that will come along with it. You can log in to the new look Klout here and you can see what my most popular posts have been.  I'm sure it will work for your profile as well once you are logged in.
If you're not on Klout yet, I suggest you give it a try. Just click the link to get started

Let me know when you're on and I'll send some +K your way!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

#PrayForLydia Fundraiser Brings Together A Community

Surrounded With Community Support

It was basically one month ago when I met Rob Maxwell face to face for the first time.  We weren't strangers.  We were connected.  We were connected by Twitter but it was more than that.  We had a community connection.  It was an online community connection which started with being in the same area, but became something bigger when Rob decided he needed to do something to show his support for the Herrle family and Lydia Herrle.  You can read more about  #PrayForLydia on this post.  Being a father to a child with Down Syndrome Rob knew that the Herrles would be facing many challenges and wanted to do his part to help.  His idea was to have a fundraiser through his Dairy Queen.  The venue is a vibrant location in our area, and he had ideas on how to raise funds for the Herrle Family.  We both we had wished out first in person meeting was under different circumstances, but we were both hopeful that we could inspire our community to come together.

Happy Canada Day

July 1st was the kick off of the paper ribbon for Lydia campaign.  Dairy Queen's customers were encouraged to buy a ribbon (ribbons provided by Trevor Cherewka, remember to give him a HI-5 next time you see him) with the proceeds from the ribbons supporting the Herrle Family.  What started out as just a couple of ribbons soon turned a store full of paper ribbons patterns.  Rob knew there was more to be done and created a one time Miracle For Lydia Day.

 Word spread quickly and soon Rob had Firefighters, Kitchener Rangers, Face painters, Bands, Local Media Celebrities and more offering to help provide entertainment for the attendees.

It Was A Day Like No Other

The community came in droves!  The lines were long and the smiles were longer.  Everyone was so happy and overwhelmed by the turnout. Whether it was to buy a treat or enter an ice cream eating competition, fun was had by all. The event was a success and Rob said the showing of support was beyond any expectation he had.  Everyone had a story.  Rob was told that someone in Cambridge saw it on the 6pm CTV Kitchener news & drove to his Waterloo location to do their part.
I kept hearing stories that the melted ice cream on everyone's clothing was well worth the laundry that needed to be done that night.

You often hear me cheer about the wonderful community I live in.  I am once again inspired by the overwhelming support that was showed at Miracle For Lydia Day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Keep The Oven Off In The Summer

20 minutes to Dinner

Do you have a vegetable steamer?
Did you know you can fully cook chicken breasts in it?

This is a great way to cook dinner without using the oven!

To make this meal you'll need
  • Two Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • A vegetable steamer
  • Lundenberg Risotto, Creamy Parmesan (in the health food aisle at most grocery stores)
  • Olive Oil
  • Water
  • A large pot (stovetop)
  • A yellow pepper (or any veggie you like to eat raw)
Start by filling the water level to low on your steamer, put in chicken breasts & set to cook for 20 minutes

Then make the risotto in the large pot on your stove. Directions are on the side panel of the box, takes about 20 minutes

While the chicken & the risotto are cooking cut up your favorite veggies (or make a side salad).

Once the timer goes off on the steamer remove the chicken breasts & cut up (remember the steamer will be very hot)

Mix the chicken into the risotto & serve with your choice of vegetable.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guinness Book Of World Records Longest Picnic

As mentioned in an earlier post today I was Picnic-er for the City Of Kitchener's attempt for the Guinness Book Of World Records for Longest Picnic.  This was an event to commemerate Kitchener turning 100

Here is the result

It was a fun time hanging out with @gemini_momma, @fumkeymumkey and @1ofthose2girls (and the family members they had in tow)

As of today the results are unofficial, but the City Of Kitchener will hear back in a few weeks, once all the measurements are made official.

How to make Hot Dogs in a Thermos

Being that today the City of Kitchener is attempting the Guinness Book Of World Record's WORLD'S LONGEST PICNIC, I thought it would be a good idea to share this easy recipie for Thermos Hotdogs, which are a great idea for picnics & day trips.
Although many would say this is a Kid-Friendly recipe, I think adults should prepare & serve because of the boiling water.

  • Boil water in a tea kettle
  • Put hotdogs in the thermos
  • Pour the boiling water into a thermos (be careful of the water splashing)
  • Close tightly
  • pack buns & condiments
  • After you arrive at the destination, pour out the water. REMEMBER IT WILL BE HOT WATER so be careful
VOILA! Steamed hotdogs! 

To make things even easier, keep takeout/fast food condiments to bring along!

If you're planning on participating in today's event, head down to the Kitchener Market end and say hi! We'll be the ones in the Tiaras!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The CALL ME MAYBE Craze Continues With Cookie Monster, Jimmy Fallon, The President and More

The Craze Continues

Last month I wrote about Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe Craze.  I had only listed 5, but mentioned that there were tons of others out there.  Most of the others were just knock offs of the ones I listed, so there was no need to post them.

Well Carly Rae's song continues to inspire YouTube fans to come up with new versions of her song/video.  The key is to keep it original.

Whoever came up with the idea of the BarackDub of President Barack Obama singing Call Me Maybe must have known they struck viral video gold

and with the recent release of Magic Mike I'm pretty sure this little number from the Abercrombie fellas will become a HOT commodity.

Then just when you think this has all gone to the dogs ...

... in comes Jimmy Fallon! To top it off he brings in Carly Rae Jespen to sing along with him and The Roots, all while using classroom instruments.

At this point I figured there's no topping the Jimmy Fallon version, but I was wrong again!  Now Sesame Street has made their own version of Call Me Maybe and took it one step further by spoofing the Jimmy Fallon version.  Enter SHARE IT MAYBE

Does Cookie Monster rise to the top of the Call Me Maybe Craze?  What do you think will come down the pipe next?  As long as everyone keeps originality in mind, I don't think this will ever get old!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Easiest Stir Fry You Will Ever Make

WARNING! I'm not a measuring kind of gal

The only ingredients you will need for this recipe are

  • Frozen vegetables
  • Meat leftovers (in this case I used steak)
  • Quick cook rice (ie Minute Rice)
  • Jar of your favorite Teriyaki sauce
  • Water
  1. Start by bringing a large frying pan with enough water to cover the bottom of the pan + a bit to a boil
  2. Add your frozen vegetables & stir frequently.  Your water will increase as the veggies thaw, which is why you don't want to start with too much liquid
  3. Once the vegetables are thawed add enough rice to cover veggies & water. Stir for a few seconds
  4. Turn off burner & cover (I have a quick tip for a cover under the image below)
  5. While the rice is steaming cut up your choice of fully cooked meat (should take about 5 minutes)
  6. Uncover fry pan & stir.  Don't worry if the rice is not fully soft
  7. Add meat and about half a jar of teriyaki sauce
  8. Turn burner back on high a stir constantly until the rice has absorbed all the liquid
Note: When you first add the sauce it will be very runny, but as you keep frying and the sauce starts to boil it will thicken and the rice and other ingredients will absorb the sauce.

You know the best part? Only one cooking pan and one lid to wash!

Stir Fry - Easiest Stir Fry You Will Ever Make - TheSunshineIsIn

Here's a tip : Don't have a lid for your frying pan? Just put another upside down frying pan on top to create a lid!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

How LinkedIN Doesn't Compare To Thomas The Tank Engine

Last week I decided to update my LinkedIN profile solely for the purpose of posting this year's #140confONT event.  After I went and accepted the 236 connection requests I began to update my profile.
I did my best to make it reflect who I am, both professionally and personally.  I'm not sure that it does.

Whenever someone asks what I do, I describe my job as the person who works for sign manufacturer, who does everything that doesn't have anything to do with making an actual sign. That list is a lot longer than it sounds.  LinkedIN is not really a place to put that I hardly ever do the same things day in & day out.  My multi-tasking skills would not seem up to par if I said "always manages to get everyone's break order right" "runs around the shop taking pics" "spends time getting to know the people in the neighbourhood"  but those are some of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most.

I did enjoy putting the Projects part of my profile together.  It was a nice walk down memory lane, but again it hardly captures what really is involved planning projects and coordinating events (where exactly does wearing a tiara go?)   I like making all the moving parts fit together.

 I can see the big picture, but know that it takes so many little tasks to achieve the goal.  I know the amount of work it will take and know that it will still take more work than originally anticipated.  I do it because I love to help.

 I love to be useful. 

 I grew up with the phrase BE LIKE MIKE.  As far as pro athlete role models go Micheal Jordan is the cream of the crop. Who wouldn't want to be like Mike?

It wasn't until this decade that I was introduced to Thomas The Tank Engine.  What I really strive is to be like him.  I'm not so sure that a fictional character reference fits on a LinkedIN profile.

If you could describe yourself in a way that doesn't fit with your professional image how would you do it?  What would say about yourself?  Who would you want to align yourself with?  If it's a little off the wall & out of place, chances are I'll want to "add you to my professional network" 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yes the Carly Rae Jepsen craze has taken over!

Here are some of the funny/ridiculous videos set to her song.

This is still my favorite remake vid

Seriously who wouldn't want to be part of that video?!?!?!?!
It reminds of the lip sync contests we had in grade school.

The one is amazing to watch because there are just so many things going on.  The fact that they included "THE LIFT" from Dirty Dancing, it was hard for me not to put them in first place

Yes they did have a guy in a morph-suit

Because there were no professional camera-men on set for this one, you need to give these fellas props!

This one spurred so many more "inside a passenger van" vids.


Miss USA Pagent.  The fact that they got Donald Trump to participate makes it entertaining

They also had some E Network peeps participate which is a nice touch


This one is very well rehearsed.  The problem is well see for yourself

Yes I realize it's to catch attention and advertise the Miami Dolphins.  The problem is the FUN factor is missing in this one.  They look like they are auditioning for Sports Illustrated.

So there you have it!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Conference Prep and Tips

Educating Yourself At Events

Finding ways to better your business, improve your health, gain financially, seek out that missing element in your life...
These are just a few of topics that conferences/events/seminars are about.  Choosing to attend is choosing to educate yourself further and learn more about the topic.  For the past several years, I have spent a lot of my free time at events/seminars/conferences/tweetups/fundraisers in one capacity or another.  I have been a co-host, an organizer, a volunteer, and an attendee at more events than I can possibly remember.
I have learned about business, financial planning, social strategies, health awareness, meal planning and so many other subjects that keep me inspired and spark new ideas.  Many of these events do involve a time investment so to ensure you fully partake in the conference experience, here are some tips so you are properly prepared and can make the most of your time at the conference.

An Event Addict's Guide To Conferences

Find An Event

  • Use online sites like Eventbrite, MeetupFacebook Events, or local events pages to find out about great conferences
  • Check the hashtags that people are using and see the info about the events they are talking about (also follow attendees of the event so you can engage with them beforehand and look forward to meeting them face to face at the event)
  • Find out about discount codes, or Early Bird pricing to save some dollars

What To Bring

  • Most will bring their electronic devices, smartphones, tablets, cameras etc. but remember to bring chargers and batteries so you are able to use them
  • A note pad & pen are also a great idea incase of WiFi issues, you can still keep a record of what you want to remember
  • Clothing that you will be comfortable in.  You never know if the breaks are in the same rooms as the speakers, or if you'll be walking a few blocks to after-parties or if the air conditioning will be on full blast.  Dressing in layers and comfortable footwear will make a big difference

Travelling Tips

  • Research about the area you are attending. Find out what the destination has to offer
  • Pack light! Chances are you'll be bringing more home than what you arrived with
  • Modes of transportation.  How will you get there? Will you need to commute to several places once you arrive?
  • If driving, ensure you GOOGLE MAPS the location (you never know when that GPS signal will be lost), factor in traffic into travel times and bring cash for parking
  • Find a travel companion.  Whether it be a carpool or a bus load, find someone you can share the experience with on the way to and back from the event.

At the Conference

  • Find the registration desk ASAP. Once you are registered you have the freedom to roam
  • Grab your seat.  As tempting as the coffee bar might be as you arrive, pick you spot first. Leave something there to hold it (even just writing your name on a paper & placing it on the seat works).
  • Look for the agenda.  Make sure you know where you need to be and when you need to be there.
  • Take lots of notes.  You will absorb a lot of info in a short period of time.  Having the info in print will give your brain a break
  • Meet lots of new people.  Fellow attendees share a common interest with you, they have become your peers.

After the Event

  • Tell people about your experience.  Write a post, send a tweet, create a vlog about the conference. Do it while it is still fresh in your mind
  • Connect with those you met.  Send a follow-up email from the business card they gave you.
  • Implement what you have learned.  You took all those notes, put them to good use rather than filing them away.
  • Engage with the people that made the most impact.  Join their facebook page, subscribe to their newsletter, let them know that what they spoke about inspired you.

You can learn lots at conferences and events, but remember to socialize and have fun too.  You never know where it will lead.  I've hugged Mike Holmes, held the Oscar for Best Picture, met a ton of authors, and danced on stage with Jordon Knight because I stayed after the event to socialize.

Tips From the Social-sphere

  • Time to network. Best work happens in down time. @karynclimans
  • Candy at each table is a must!! @vaughanmomshow
  • Take contacts and information home that will help you and/or your biz @vaughanmomshow
  • Don't live tweet, sit strategically, know who controls the drink tickets, relationships are built after hours. @MattScobel
  • Find opportunities to stay connected after the event @woodbridgem2m
  •  You will learn something and imagine a new framework. @CheMarvilleReal
  • Be fearless about reaching out to people, chatting and being authentic! You will be shocked who you can meet! @CheMavilleReal
  • Know that you're not the only one nervous about meeting people. Chances are others feel the same. @AppHipMom
  • Two sided laynards so everyone can see even if it flips over @MumsnChums
  • Plan your sessions in advance, at least two per timeslot. Carry a paper list of session names and room numbers so if you decide to bail on one, you know exactly where to run to, even if your electronics are out of battery and there's no wifi. @TheBrianBanks
  • Go with a positive attitude, an open mind & a smile on your face to meet lots of people. That's where the real value is for me.. connecting. @Gemini_Momma
  •  Even though I missed a panel, best thing I did at Blissdom was listen to my body and take a nap @JackiYo

Do you agree? Perhaps you have a great conference tip you want to add as well? Have you been to an exceptional conference/event/fundraiser/meetup/convention/summit? Make sure to share it in the comments! Looking for a conference to attend this fall?  I may be biased, but I would make sure to grab a ticket for the 140 Characters Conference 2012 before they are gone!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fix For posts on Facebook

As many have experienced this week, Facebook is blocking posts

When you try to post with a (blogger) post you see a message very similar to this

Chances are when you first signed up for your blog you were listed as (as I was).  The recent change to (which was done automatically to me without any notification that I could see) has been quite messy!

As of this week my bandage for the problem was to PIN my posts on Pinterest and then post the pin on facebook.  Not really a great way to do it.


With the knowledge that I was orginally a (and not .ca) I tried an experiment and it worked.
I found a fix for the issue on facebook.

It is much easier if I show you!

It also works if you find the .ca part within individual posts and then you change it to .com .  It took a little longer for it to post to facebook but it did work too.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


I want to thank everyone that took the time to send their thoughts and wishes to Lydia.  Those 5 mins you spent signing it mean so much.  There are over 40 pages of signatures.  It was passed on by Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. By clicking on the card below you can look at all the wonderful messages for Lydia Herrle and her family. Although I know many of the people who signed, there are many who I have yet to meet.  I never discount the kindness of strangers and am grateful that there are so many thoughtful people in the world.

Check Out this Card I Just Received!

Check Out this Card I Just Received!

Create your own!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scroll to Top - Pinterest

Anyone else love this button as much as I do? 

Facebook Offers and How They Work

New From Facebook Pages - Facebook Offers

There is a new way to attract people to your facebook fan page and your business/blog/website etc.
Facebook offers have launched and it is a FREE and simple way to let your fans know what is new and exciting on your page.  The steps are quite easy to follow.

Creating a Facebook Offer

  1. You must be an admin on the fan page you wish to create an offer
  2. On the status bar it should list Status/ Photos and now a new menu of Offers/Events/Questions
  3. Click on Offers
The additional steps were followed on our Those2Girls - Six Degrees of Us! Facebook Page.  I created an offer of FREE EVENT LISTINGS on our new website.
  • After I clicked Offers, I uploaded a photo.  Remember it must look eye-catching while fitting within 90x90 pixels
  • Next list what your offer is. Be clear.  Remember your goal is to attract people, not make them guess what it's about.  Also make sure you can describe your offer in 90 characters.
  • Then under your offer picture click where it says Unlimited.  Pick how many people may claim your offer.  Since mine does not cost anything other than my time, I choose Unlimited
  • Beside the limit click on the date listing and choose an expiry date
  • Click the Terms and Conditions line to put your specifics. Then hit Enter
  • A blue Preview button will appear and it will show you what your offer will look like
  • Either pick Edit to go back to the earlier steps, or pick Post to set your Offer live

The one I did looked like this

Once it was live I clicked on where it says Get Offer.  A Pop-Up window came up displaying the offer with a Get Offer button.  After I clicked Get Offer an new Pop-Up listed that the offer was sent to my email and an Okay button. It then showed in my activity that I had claimed an offer from the Those2Girls -Six Degrees of Us! Fan Page.

I immediately received the offer in my email.  It listed the offer as well as the terms and conditions.  There was also a Share Offer button.  When I clicked it a Pop-Up Window came up with the offer as well as a spot to add a comment on it and then you can post it to Facebook.

For more info on how to claim and post Facebook Offers visit

For most posts on Web How To's visit my Pinterest Board and click through on the pins listed. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tweetstock007 The Web Is Not Enough

Tweetstock You've Come A Long Way Baby!

If you follow any of my posts/tweets/status updates you know I am Tweetstock's biggest fan.
I dare anyone to dispute that fact.  You can see a glimpse by searching this blog and seeing how many times I mention Tweetstock in my posts.

I think of myself as a Tweetstock early adopter.  I met Trevor, Tweetstock's founder through Lindsay Jacobs  at the Unmarketing book launch.  Soon after I was asked to speak at Tweetstock 3 and was hooked!  Everyone I met so wonderful.  Since then I've attended Tweetstock 4, where I first met Kevin who then was kind enough to put me in his book that launched at Tweetstock 5.  By Tweetstock 6 Diane & I were coined as the VolunTIARAS and we truly feel part of the Brantford family!


The buzz about this event was hard to ignore, especially with an Atomic Spark  promo like this

The day started off with a BANG! or should I say DAGONE! Marcus wondered why no one was filling up the front seats.  I always wonder that as well
If you were going to a CONCERT you pay excessive amounts of money to be in the front row, but when it comes to speaking engagements everyone does whatever they can not to be in the front row.  Am I right?
So after Marcus loosened everyone up it was a great day! Lots of great moments from the speakers, panels and so many connections were made. I could give you a run down about all the speakers, but I'll let you get some thoughts from others.  I think I've already posted about it all over twitter & facebook anyways.

There was one thing very unique about this event.  A sixteen minute Webisode was created and screened at the event.  Now that is smart thinking.  If your event takes place in a movie theatre, create a movie for it!
They brought together the top names in Social Media (& then let us be part of it).  The day of filming was so exciting and I wish that I could spend every Saturday having that fun!

Tweetstock007 - The Movie

Now that you've expirenced the Director's Cut Version, tell me what you thought (pick all that apply) 

The next Tweetstock will be happening this November, and all the details will be posted on the Facebook page as they are released.  You can also following along on twitter and tweet to @TweetstockCA


Monday, April 16, 2012

Tweestock007 What Will You Do Differently?


So many others do too!  Before I write my #Tweetstock007 takeaways, I'd love to hear yours!
What will you be doing differently online? What did you learn about that you will implement? What do you want to learn more about?

Leave it in the comments, or if you have already wrote about it, make sure to LINK YOUR POST

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pinterest Boards - Timeline Photos, Cover Photo and Board Arranging

Change it Up

As many of you may know by now when you click on your Pinterest page for your boards, each one now has a "timeline-like" pic of you most recent pin.  This is known on Pinterest as a Cover Photo.

(not sure what I mean? Just login to Pinterest then in the top right corner where it shows your avatar, click the drop down menu arrow and the 3rd item will say Boards, click that and all of your boards will show up).

Now that you are looking at all your boards does the latest pin on each one really represent what the board is about?  If so great, if not follow these easy steps

  1. Hover over the title of the board so that an underline show up
  2. Click the name of that board
  3. Hover over the photo you want as the Cover pic
  4. At the bottom of the pic "Set Board Cover", click that button
  5. A window will pop up that will let you arrange how the photo will look, you can move it around with the aid of your mouse
  6. Once your Cover Photo position is set, click Set Cover
Now if you click your name at the top of the page you will go back to all your boards.

To rearrange the order that your Pinterest boards are displayed

It's very easy to order your Pinterest boards, simply...
  • go to your menu under your profile pic and beside the Edit profile button hover over the little box with the two directional arrows on it.  It will become a rearrange boards button and you can simply drag and drop the boards to their new spots.
It may take a few attempts to move the boards to a new spot (if the board won't move to the spot, move it to the spot beside where you want it to be, then after switch it one more time).
After every Pinterest board is in its proper place, click the red checkmark at the top (beside the edit profile menu option) and your new Pinterest board display is complete.

Was this helpful?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How PINfluential are you? Pinpuff will Let You Know

Are You A Person Of Pinfluence?

You know how it starts, I HAVE KLOUT.....

(Truthfully my Klout has been locked for months, and either I see a blank screen or a sad puppy when I login so I have no options with that site)

Now that Pinterest is lastest & greatest, there is a way to measure your Pinfluence.

An easy way to calculate your Pinfluence.  Not sure what Pinfluence is? Below is the explanation from the Pinpuff FAQ

What is Pinfluence?

Definition : Bookish Version
Pinfluence is a relative measure of your popularity, influence, activity, reach (& celebrity levels if applicable) on Pinterest on the scale of 100. It also decides monetary value of your pins & traffic your pins generate.
Definition : Easy to Understand Version
Higher is your Pinfluence score, higher are the chances of you getting Big Brands' attention for working with them on Pinterest.

All that is required to measure your Pinterest Boards are your email and your Pinterest Name, in my case Those2Girls

The calculation time was very quick and this screen appeared

Then I clicked on the purple "here" link to see how it was calculated

So they ROUND UP
I'm now a 47!!!  On Pinpuff, don't ask my age!

Okay so these are the quick stats about my Pinterest account.  Breaks down what is going on in my Pinterest feed.  It also showed me this

So it's giving a dollar value to my pins.  To know more about this breakdown refer to the Pinpuff FAQ page or this post that I was referrred to by one of my Pinterest Pals.  I also received a breakdown for each one of my pin boards.  I'm not sure why some are purple on the list.  I didn't click through any of them.  Perhaps others have? Right now I find it PINteresting that I have more boards than Pinpuff.  I wonder how long that will last?

Do I like Pinpuff ? I'm not sure yet.  Hopefully people don't start comparing each other's Pinpuff Rank.  That just sounds strange.  Being that there is a dollar value assigned, I can see it getting a bit ugly.

I'm not against measuring.  I just don't worry about it (really I'm more confused by the tech part of it).   Many said they left Klout because of it being a ranking system.  I wonder if they count their LIKES, FOLLOWERS & ANALYTICS?  To me those are all measurements as well, but I'm not much of a Math Gal either.

So are you Pinfluential? Full of Klout? Liked by All? What do all these stats mean to you?  Which ones do you care about most (if any)?  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Face Behind the #140confONT Handle for 2012 is...

You may have noticed that the @140confONT handle has became very active over the last week.   Between our annoucement of the 2012 #140confONT #StateOfNow

along with our CALL FOR SPEAKERS

and everything from and that our EARLY BIRD tickets are now available at to sharing the lastest & greatest 140confONT info has kept the #140confONT hashtag a buzz!

Have you been wondering who's behind that passionate purple logo for 2012?

Well I'm happy to introduce our @140ConfONT Twitter Community Leader


Wendy is a firm believer that everyone should be using their smart phones more efficiently. Or why have one at all? Maybe her early career with Rogers may have something to do with her obsession with mobile technology. Mobile apps is the name of the game & she's seen the good, bad and the ugly. She writes about her favourties in her blog, AppHipMom. She loves her work with the Women in Biz Network and is a contributor to iVillage Canada. Follow Wendy on Twitter @AppHipMom.

So why not pop by the #140confONT hashtag and say hello?

Monday, February 20, 2012


Oh yes, that number happens to be #1 on's Advertising Book list

Here are some fun facts to get to know Neil Hedley

 31 years in radio, including six consecutive morning shows that weren’t #1 in the ratings when he walked in, but had been by the time he walked out. The voiceover guy for Canada’s largest pizza chain. International multi award-winning copywriter. And ad agency Creative Director in Toronto by the age of 20.  (taken from the bio on

He also was the orginal Poster Boy for Kool FM's United Way Campaign, where he lived on a billboard for a month!

You can hear about it on this video

Yes that video also means he was one of fantastic speakers at Canada's First 140 Characters Conference

which got him nominated for a JUNO oh wait that's the wrong HEDLEY.  Although he should be after his performance at #pmnight for Project Macfrica

Neil is a regular contributor on and can be seen Saturdays on CTV News Channel, but only if his lovely wife Tatiana can do his hair

Did I happen to mention he married Tatiana live on tv?

So while juggling all of this Neil created a book.  You can learn more over at the website WHAT WAS THAT NUMBER   It about Crimes Against Advertising And How To Prevent Them.

Want to hear even more about  WHAT WAS THAT NUMBER AGAIN  - Crimes Against Advertising And How To Prevent Them, then be sure to attend the BOOK LAUNCH happening Saturday February 25th 2012 at Caesar Martini's in Waterloo.

Just RSVP to and let Neil know you're coming to meet him by tweeting with the hashtag #WWTHkw or commenting on the Facebook event page

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent if....

  • If you know where the Galaxy Cinema in Brantford is, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know what a Power Point ARTIST is, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you can tell me what a Giant MY is for, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know the words to Rockin Robin because of this and this, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know why there was a scramble for a 4 pixel camera, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know what a VolunTIARA is you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you have enjoyed Gummy Vitamins as a snack, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you have been quoted in a book because of a tweet, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you are waiting on the edge of your seat everytime you hear OK GO is about to do a new video, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you have been seen drinking Perrier water while wearing sunglasses, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
These are the 10 ten reasons why you might be a #Tweetstock007 agent.  Have more? Add them to the comments.
Want to become a #Tweetstock007 Agent? Make sure you use the secret code
 those2bondgirls at  before it self destructs Sunday Feb 26th at Midnight!

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