Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here in Kitchener Waterloo we're lucky enough to have Stephen Hawking coming to visit next month & The Queen is here the month after. So why is Kitchener Waterloo so eager to have Ellen DeGeneres arrive for Oktoberfest? Well just watch this (& see what we're working on below the video)

This spawned a Facebook group which hopes Ellen DeGeneres will come & be the Parade Marshall for the next KW Oktoberfest Parade (Thanksgiving Day in Canada).
Look at how many fans this page has already!
I was able to message Administrator of the page we hope to collaborate efforts to make this happen!

Now the question is How Do We Get Her Attention?

You take it one step further & take it to TWITTER!

For those not on Twitter here's my SUPER EASY guide to Twitter

Now to make sure we're all tweeting about the same thing make sure all of your posts have the #EllenToKW post in them
Here's mine from today

We're on a mission here in #Kitchener #Waterloo to get #EllenToKW who's going to RT 4 me?

The point of the hashtag it to make it searchable. If you click the hashtag in a tweet, all the other tweets with it will show up
***on the Twitter page you can put click it the #EllenToKW & then after they show up hit Save this search & then you can just click it on your side bar after that***

***on Tweetdeck a new column will show up & it will just keep listing tweets with that hashtag***

Once it catches on it will become a trending topic & then it basically becomes viral on twitter

So make sure you're following & get tweeting #EllenToKW
Want us to follow back? Just leave your twitter name in the comments section.
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