Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 According To Google

A Year In Review

I really love seeing all the different Google doodles when occasions happen.  Being that we are approaching the beginning of 2012 I was certain there would be something special on the Google today.
I found this pic and being so colourful I took an extra second to wait to see if it animate, but that extra second made see this line Watch and remember ......

So I did.  I clicked the link and was given instant chills with all of these memories

Not only because I was reminded of these events, but it brought back memories of what I was doing when I first heard/saw about them.  Next I started to think of what my own year would look like?
How I laughed & cried, and sometimes cried when I laughed because I was so happy.
I am so blessed.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Facebook Timeline for Non Techies Like Me

Finding Timeline
So Facebook timeline was a headache for me for such a long time.  I couldn't figure out why everyone was able to get it except me.  I thought hmm what does Mark Zuckerburg have against Tiaras?  How come I can't find this GET TIMELINE Button that everyone is telling me about?

Out with the OLD
I know tons of people will argue this choice, but I still use Internet Explorer. Yes I'm stubborn like that.  I like being low tech, but apparently my browser was version 7 & they were now at version 9.  I thought I'd give it an upgrade.  After that I was also able to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player and BINGO I was able to access Facebook Timeline

With a couple of clicks and some upload of pics ...

... BINGO I had Timeline

With that means that I can finally see everyone else's timelines, and spent the better part of an evening going through what my facebook friends chose to do with theirs.  I got to see pics taken from all over the world, family photos, works of art and business branding.  I love how each one is so unique! I'm hoping that this will soon start on Facebook Pages, because I already know which one I'll put for the Those2Girls cover photo !

If you have a Facebook Timeline, what inspired the pics you chose for it?
Leave a comment with your Timeline theme, or if you like link it!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ten Things To Do With Reusable Bags

Because I attend a lot of events, I get a lot of bags.  Back in the day (& by that I mean less than 5 years ago) everything (swag) came in plastic bags.  It was easy enough for me to repurpose them as can liners for my garbage cans.  Now that many businesses have switched over to reusable bags, I have way too many for my household needs.  I know there's lots of crafty things to do with these bags, but really I just want the excess to be useful or out of my house.  I will keep going to events, so I will keep collecting them. To manage this fabric bag cycle, here are some ways I repurpose my reuseable bags.

  1. I give gifts in my bags.  Not ones that have hand groceries in them, but more like flyers, coupons & stuff.  They are clean & they go to a new home without me spending $ on wrapping paper or paper gift bags.
  2. Lunch bags.  Many people have large containers that don't fit well in a lot of the lunch bags. Put your lunch in, add a freezer pack, tie it up & it's that simple.
  3. Extra carry-alls. If you have a desk at your workplace keep a couple in there.  You never know when you or a co-worker could use one.
  4. Magazine holders.  If you have any with a wide bottom you can use it as a magazine rack of sorts
  5. Gym Bags. Not that I go to the gym, but if I did I would just throw everything into a cloth bag that way when I would wash my sweaty yoga pants, I can wash the reusable bag too.  Believe me I know what hockey bags smell like, I'm guessing gym bags would get the same way.
  6. Food Bank donation collection.  If I see something on sale like Pasta sauce for $1 I'll stock up, not only for myself but for the local food bank.  When I get home I put the extras in a cloth bag that I've designated for food bank items.  When I go to the next event that's collecting food bank items, I just grab the tote bag donate the whole thing.
  7. Travel bags for your souvenirs.  I put extra rolled up shopping bags in my suitcase and use them to pack up souvenirs that I've bought.  Nothing is worse than realizing you have to stuff more items into your already full suitcase.
  8. Seasonal decor.  I put things like wreaths, window clings, noisemakers, basically anything that isn't breakable in reusable bags & pack them away with the holiday decorations
  9. Car organizers. I have bag that I keep my jumper cables in so they don't sprawl all over the trunk. 
  10. Pay the reuseable bags forward.  When I still have too many I take a few extras with me shopping. If I hear a cashier say "Do you need to buy bags?" and the customer replies that they do need to purchase some, I offer my extras.
Do you have extra reuseable bags that are in your way?  What things have you done to give them a purpose?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Deeds = Great Feelings

If you follow any of my posts you already know that I find joy in my role as a VolunTIARA, but I posed the question to Twitter and Facebook

What's 1 good deed you did this year?

Answers from twitter
@hedremp I was an angel to a little boy this Christmas - his mom requested some learning materials so I sent a whole box full!

@LHMaintenance client was in a difficult spot and needed work done. #gratis

@adomesticmomma Paid for a little boy's product at cash when he thought he had enough money for it. He felt so proud of himself.

@KidsGummyMum donated vitamins to Africa, to teens in Kitchener, donated $$ to Childrens Aid for bikes & kids schools for Healthy Snack Program

@HighstickHarry good deed pulled over when I saw a car in the ditch then called tow for her

@edrivefanpeg my friend was posting on kijiji a bed 4 sale, found a single mom looking for 1, and gave it to her :)

Answers from Facebook
Lisa S. An elderly lady in front of me in line at Walmart had her credit card declined. It looked like she was buying Christmas gifts for grandchildren. I paid for her. I can't tell u how good I've felt about that ever since.

Jenn W. donated to #50teens, the Goderich toy drive, MCC..... paid for a few coffees for others (anonymously), tried to just be a good person and help others. Hope that helps!

Maria W. started the Brampton chapter of Christmas for seniors ! Lots of fun, but you should see my apartments with all these Christmas

As you can see from all the exclamation points, LOLs & happy face icons all these wonderful people enjoyed themselves as well.  It's one thing to bring to joy to others with your help, but the real gift is how great it makes you feel.

A few years back I watched a film called THE ULTIMATE GIFT. 

The trailer for it doesn't do it justice.  It's a movie basically about how it's never to late to change, and how by helping others it helps you as well.  Although I was already volunteering the movie made me realize that giving good was also bringing me good (if that statement makes any sense to you, then you too should join the #TiaraARMY)

Looking back on 2011 I'm very proud of the many things I accomplished.  Many of them were not goals that I set out to do at the beginning of the year.  It's amazing how quickly things can change over the course of 12 months.  Not only did I manage to do a few good deeds, good deeds came my way as well.  I'm very thankful for that and for those who were there along the way.  If you're reading this there's a good chance you fit into that prior sentence.

Yes I'm ready start 2012 with a bang, but I can't wait to see the wonderful surprises it will bring as well.  Happy New Year everyone.  Make sure to tell someone that they made you feel great today!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time to Reveal

This is what happens when we join forces with those in the #TiaraARMY!

DO YOU SEE HOW WONDERFUL Craig Silva aka @BigDaddyKreativ MADE US LOOK? The "Girl" on the left is Diane & the "Girl" on the right is me. You can tell because I'm talking with my hands!

I was so excited when I saw this logo he designed for us!  I couldn't wait to share the news with all of you!
So if you're in need for a sparkley new logo to kick off your 2012 make sure to visit his Craig's website
& while you're there you may want to check out his T-shirt shop! Who wouldn't want to unwrap one of these? Hmmm what's next Happy New Year? Happy Valentines Day?

If you have a big monitor just click the logo & I'm almost LIFE SIZE!

Monday, December 5, 2011

International Volunteer Day 2011

Not many know this but today (Dec 5, 2011) marks the 10th Anniversary of International Volunteer Day .  This initiative was started by the UN and today they are asking what did you do to volunteer in your country?
Although I cannot say I was able to help the UN in anyway, I can say I was able to help many of my friends & made many new friends in doing so.

Here's my list

& in addition I attend lots of fundraisers & events & am the first to say, if you need anything put me to work! I also try my best to get the word out about other great events happening.
Why do I do this? BECAUSE I LOVE TO!!!!

@JuliaRosien: Love what @those2girls said about volunteering - what your give
to the world comes back when you give from the heart #SCCTO

That's what I stood up & said at a conference with 200 women in attendance.
I meant every word of it.

Last month Erica Ehm actually called me out on my passion for helping at #Tweetstock6 check out the 38 min mark below

(note to self for 2012 resolve to take a compliment without getting embarrased-Thankyou Erica!)

So it seemed natural to create one more event before the end of 2011.
This Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 is the #ToydriveTweetup/Meetup
I want to go into this holiday season on a positive note & I hope you will as well.  I hope you'll join me on Sunday & bring along a friend or 3!!!!!!!!! :)

I'd love to see your list of volunteering for 2011 make sure to either leave a comment or link your post here

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