Monday, February 20, 2012


Oh yes, that number happens to be #1 on's Advertising Book list

Here are some fun facts to get to know Neil Hedley

 31 years in radio, including six consecutive morning shows that weren’t #1 in the ratings when he walked in, but had been by the time he walked out. The voiceover guy for Canada’s largest pizza chain. International multi award-winning copywriter. And ad agency Creative Director in Toronto by the age of 20.  (taken from the bio on

He also was the orginal Poster Boy for Kool FM's United Way Campaign, where he lived on a billboard for a month!

You can hear about it on this video

Yes that video also means he was one of fantastic speakers at Canada's First 140 Characters Conference

which got him nominated for a JUNO oh wait that's the wrong HEDLEY.  Although he should be after his performance at #pmnight for Project Macfrica

Neil is a regular contributor on and can be seen Saturdays on CTV News Channel, but only if his lovely wife Tatiana can do his hair

Did I happen to mention he married Tatiana live on tv?

So while juggling all of this Neil created a book.  You can learn more over at the website WHAT WAS THAT NUMBER   It about Crimes Against Advertising And How To Prevent Them.

Want to hear even more about  WHAT WAS THAT NUMBER AGAIN  - Crimes Against Advertising And How To Prevent Them, then be sure to attend the BOOK LAUNCH happening Saturday February 25th 2012 at Caesar Martini's in Waterloo.

Just RSVP to and let Neil know you're coming to meet him by tweeting with the hashtag #WWTHkw or commenting on the Facebook event page

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent if....

  • If you know where the Galaxy Cinema in Brantford is, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know what a Power Point ARTIST is, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you can tell me what a Giant MY is for, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know the words to Rockin Robin because of this and this, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know why there was a scramble for a 4 pixel camera, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you know what a VolunTIARA is you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you have enjoyed Gummy Vitamins as a snack, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you have been quoted in a book because of a tweet, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you are waiting on the edge of your seat everytime you hear OK GO is about to do a new video, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
  • If you have been seen drinking Perrier water while wearing sunglasses, you might be a #Tweetstock007 Agent
These are the 10 ten reasons why you might be a #Tweetstock007 agent.  Have more? Add them to the comments.
Want to become a #Tweetstock007 Agent? Make sure you use the secret code
 those2bondgirls at  before it self destructs Sunday Feb 26th at Midnight!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest is of Interest - Top 10 Reasons To Join Pinterest

Over the last few weeks Pinterest has really caught on.  I've been on it for a while now, but it's actually Diane that got me hooked.

Here's some of the reasons she used to convince me to join Pinterest

  1. No more clogging up your computer's memory with lots of bookmarks, just pin it & it's saved to the site
  2. Uploading pins from websites can be helpful, but repinning images that take you to websites you didn't even know about can be a great way to get new ideas
  3. How To's on pretty much ANY subject
  4. Follow a person, or just follow their boards that interest you
  5. Keep things close at hand that inspire you, whether it be quotes, pictures, videos etc
  6. If your boards become too big, you can re-categorize them.
(in my case that might mean when I get too many Star Wars images, I could break that board down to one for Jedi & one for Sith, or even by Character)

Here's some reasons I've come up with to join, since I've started on Pinterest
  1. It's like a visual Google without worrying about the wrong images popping up
  2. Just because someone (LIKE ME) isn't crafty, doesn't mean they can't use someone elses craft-making pins for another purpose IE I will never crochet this, but it fits perfectly on my TiaraArmy board 
  3. You'll find something you learned how to do is helpful to others as well.
  4. It serves as a great place to keep track of your goals
  5. It can become a white board for your projects
  6. You might be inspired to try something you normally would not have thought of 
  7. Pinterest is a great way to extend your website
  8. Find friends with similar interests
  9. Become skilled at something you're already good at
  10. Keep all your random ideas, all together in one organized place!
Because so many of our friends are joining Pinterest, and other than just pinning, we want to chat about Pinterest, we created a PINTEREST PALS group on Facebook last week.
If you love Pinterst too, please join our group!  In order to make it easier to follow people & remember their Pinterest sites, I've setup a Linky below.  Feel free to add your Pinterest page too!

Friday, February 3, 2012

#Facemob Fridays

As you may have noticed over the last few fridays a lot of avatars are suddenly the same.
Why you may ask?
Well, did the pics of James Vanderbeek, John Stamos & Brittney Spears make you laugh, giggle, or smirk? Then it's purpose was accomplished.

Today one of the orginators of was kind enough to help rally the #facemob to help Matt Scobel's Project Macfrica 
To learn more about Project Macfrica please read my post found at

and to help support the project please purchase a $10 ticket for the #pmnight FUNdraiser

We'd love it you would join in the #facemob to.  Here are the rules posted on

The Three Rules of Facemob

  • You will use this picture as your Facebook and/or Twitter profile picture on Friday only
  • You will use this picture as your Facebook and/or Twitter profile picture on Friday only
  • You will use the #facemob hashtag on all your postings

To join in this week's facemob please use this pic

Happy Facemob Everyone!
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