Saturday, July 24, 2010


Diane & I aka @Those2Girls on twitter were invited to bring our Tiaras & our pals to EZ STREET ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE in Cambridge.
It was really easy to get to. From KW just take 401 & get off at HWY 24. Head right on 24 (Hespler Rd). You'll see an A&W on the right & they are tucked in behind it

We played Lazer Runner a GAZILLION times. We blasted foam balls at each other in the Balladium. Tried not to crash in the Flight Simulator & found out just how bad my golf swing is in the Golf Simulator.

Jessica was so sweet to give us a tour & show us how to make the most of our EZ Street Experience!

We said we'd tell all of our pals what a great time we had, so she said have them come see for themselves & GET 35% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, just mention that you follow Those2Girls on Twitter & Facebook or that you're a member of the Stuff To Do With Your Kids in Kitchener-Waterloo Group & you get a 35% discount!

A few pics are below. I have more posted here

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Made it My Own

So as many of you know I change my hair whenever I can. In case you didn't you can see what I mean here

So it was time again for a drastic change. I searched around Google Images under Celebrity Hairstyles & found this

Now I know that I don't look anything like (nor will I ever look anything like) Katie Holmes, but I liked it because it was different.
I knew it wouldn't be an exact copy, nor would I want it to be, as I don't ever want to look like anyone else. We consulted, coloured & cut & here I am

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Herrles in a Tiara aka Meeting Tweeps!

As you know I love meeting tweeps! Yesterday I had a great Twitter convo with @HerrlesMarket . We talked Corn, Princess Bride, Best Friends & TIARAS! (don't all of those things relate?)

During the conversation I was mentioned it might be fun to shop for corn in my Tiara (because I wear it 24/7 apparently-ha!) . The idea was welcomed & it was a done deal!

I got to meet @HerrlesMarket aka Trevor in person & guess what... He's is as AWESOME as he is on Twitter (I love when Twitter peeps are genuine!)

My next trip will involve Diane & I in Tiaras reminicing about the 1st time we hung out (right there at Herrles 5yrs ago) & realized we are an awesome pair of pals!

& yes The corn as always, was DELISH
**By the way when you go, make sure to tell the staff that you saw this online & Trevor can prove his point to all the people working there ;)
Oh yeah & follow him on twitter too
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