Friday, December 30, 2016

Simple Trick To Save On Oven Energy Costs

Your oven can be an energy sucker and using it often increases your utility bills.  This simple trick will save you time and energy, both your energy and the energy costs required when using it.
Most people will use their oven several times a week and usually for about an hour at a time.
My trick is to cook several “long cook” items at once in the oven and use them over the next few days.

For example, right now I have a spaghetti squash for lunch, a roast beef for dinner and pork for another day all cooking in the oven at once (excuse my oven’s look, think of it as well used).

Separately these items each take about an hour or more to cook.  That is 3+ hours of your oven being on throughout the week.  Because I am cooking them all at once the time for the oven being on is reduced to 1.5 hours for all 3 items.
This will ensure I will save money on my utility bill and save time when it comes to preparing other meals as well. Because the items are already cooked, re-heating them on the stove top (or microwave if you use one) is minimal and you can easily transform the cooked items into other dishes that you would normally reserve for leftovers!  While saving 1.5 hours of your oven being on might not seem like much, but this is for one week.  Now think of it on a yearly basis and you can see how it can save on your energy costs!

Let me know if you try this trick and how it worked out for you!
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