Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free Mickey Mouse Ears for Me & FOR YOU!

Want to win a FREE pair of Mickey Mouse ears (they say they'll ship them to both USA & CANADA)

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Still McDonald & here's why...

Today on twitter @YummyMummyClub asked
Why do brides give up their names when they marry? -->http://ow.ly/u2Zt Did you? Why - why not?

It's a link to an Oprah site on that subject.

I decided that I needed more than 140 Characters to answer it.

When my at that point boyfriend & I decided to move in together, my parents were full of DISAPPOINTMENT & DISAPPROVAL.

Being that we were both from Catholic families this was a BIG NO NO!

I was 19 & ready to leave home, but not yet ready to get married, but knew that marriage would be the step after that.

Still this did not go over well with my side of my family & I was basically shunned.

His family on the other hand were delighted that we were taking this step together.

After 2 years of living together we did get married. I was happy to take on the name of the family that had accepted me into their lives.

As they say, time heals all wounds & my family suddenly were okay with the situation (now that we were married, & in a Catholic church to butte!)

After being married for many years, situations changed & I am now divorced. Many wonder why I haven't gone back to my maiden name?

My answer to them is....

I want the same last name as my son. Who can argue with that?

(& as an added bonus, I still have a great relationship with his side of the family, so why mess with a good thing!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My BlackBerry Envy is taken to new Heights!

Welcome back all!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada & though you might want a ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE
Do you remember this post?

Flash forward to today...
It's been one month & one day since I received my copy of
THE BLACKBERRY DIARIES written by the always wity Kathy Buckworth.

Truthfully it only took me two days to read the book. The problem was that those 2 days were in 2 different months. I'm sure Kathy will forgive my tardiness, as she knows I have a lot on the go (you know with being a twitter mummy & all).

I'd first like to let you know that my BlackBerry ENVY started way before this book. You see I live in Kitchener-Waterloo, home of THE BlackBerry & I work down the street from RIM (where they are developed), so I've had BlackBerry evny for about a decade. What this book did was take it to a whole new level!

Yes I still long for little handheld device that flashes, buzzes & rings, but enough on my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST (hint hint), here's my review of this Fantastic, Funny & Fabulous read.

I've learned from THE BLACKBERRY DIARIES that although Kathy's life & mine are much different, we as MOMS of a Modern World seem to have so many similarites.

Kathy is a mother of 4, who works at home & owns a BlackBerry.
Where as I am a mother of 1, who works in lots of places & I don't own a BlackBerry.

This didn't stop me from laughing at all these situations.

1. Raising kids
2. Working too many hours
3. Being distracted by email (& now Twitter is added to the mix)
4. Travelling with kids
5. Avoiding the gossiping neighbours
6. & ofcourse BEING A HOCKEY MOM

Truth be told, I find her way to handle these situations with grace & a little sarchasm commendable!

She takes everyday situations & makes them into monumental events of learning. You'll learn what to do to get out of the school bake sale, how to use punishment of your child as a means housekeeping & my fave how to pass off the wine stain on your blouse as jam!

Oh how I loved this funny romp through Modern Motherhood & I'm sure you will too!

What do I love the best about this book? That it still being written!
Yes it continues over at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Day Ever (currently)

Good Morning Blogalicious Buddies!
I know it's been a bit since I sat & actually wrote something. You seen the past few months have been a whril-wind (is that how you spell that?)of excitement leading up to my newly deemed BEST DAY EVER! Now please note I've had lots of BEST DAY EVER events IE son being born, starting the SYS Group, Girl's Weekend etc. These events don't loose their BEST DAY EVER status when a new one arrives. Kind of like being Prime Minsiter or Presdient, you get to keep the title. Like I said one doesn't replace another in the line up, but which ever is the most recent is known as BEST DAY EVER (currently). Now back to the info. If you are a blog reader of mine, you know that I was gearing up to co-host the 3rd MeFest.

Along the way a 2nd event was to occur on the same day. Some of my twitter pals (which you may recognize below) decided that Saturday October 3rd would be a great day to meetup up at Nursery School Musical, a production that was written, produced and directed my by new twitter pal Racheal McCaig.

It was an opportunity to meet the women that I spoke to regularly since I got on Twitter (Thurs March 19/09 -luv that Tweetdeck keeps track of that for me!)

Well I figured the trip wouldn't be doable for me as it was the same day as MeFest. I usually clock about 2 hours sleep before MeFest & I don't think that bodes well for a trip on the 401. Then I saw that two of the vendors from MeFest Michelle Peer of Hullabaloo Party Planner for Children

and Jacki Yovanoff of Primerica,

were planning on attending. I mentioned that they must have forgot that MeFest was the same day, but these HARD CORE TWITTER FANS said they were going to the play. I did what any Yummy Mummy Twitter gal would do in that situation...... Asked if I could tag along. and as you can see

They said YES! Here's some pics from my BEST DAY EVER (currently) First the most Positive Pampering and Lifestyle show in KW MeFest - A Celebration of You!

Look Racheal came to MeFest even though it was closing night of our show. How great was that?

If you have 7 minutes you can put yourself in a good mood by watching the slide show (yes of course there's peppy music!)
Over at
Next road trip to see Nursery School Musical & after party at C'est What?

So there you have it, the MOST CURRENT Best Day Ever. I'm not sure how long it will reign supreme, as Those 2 Girls are heading back to Toronto for THE NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW/GIRLS WEEKEND on Oct 24th-25th and who know what's in store for us then.....

Yours in FUN TIMES
PS Want to meetup up with us in Toronto? Leave a comment or send me at tweet @those2girls !
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