Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A great way to say good-bye to 2008 & welcome in 2009

Hello to all that came to visit!
I'm very glad you stopped by. I plan to update this blog at least once a day, as I have a new computer arriving & will be hooked up soon. This is very exciting for me as the one I am typing on right now is about 15 yrs old with a 14 inch monitor & it tends to lock up constantly. I figure this one has had a good run & is ready for its "eternal sleep" as Yoda would say.
Since tonight is New Years, my son & I plan to kick back infront of the tube & watch a movie.
Every year he tries to stay up until midnight. Some years he makes it & some not so much. I am also getting some organzing done in order to give all the new arrivals from Christmas somewhere to go. This week I finished reading THE POWER OF NICE. It was a really great book & I would recommend it to all.
I am very greatful to have read this book, because I did not find it. It found me! I was at a gift exchange where you could pick a wrapped gift & it could be swapped again & again before we got to open it. I spotted the gift I wanted by just the way it was wrapped. Gold paper & bows in basket style clear wrapping. I wouldn’t have ever have know it was a book. People kept stealing each others gifts until every gift had changed hands. Every gift that is, except mine. No one took it out of my hands. When I opened my wrapping & found this book I knew that I have must have been destined to have it! What a great Christmas gift don’t you think?
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year
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