Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What comes after #TiaraTuesday EASY it's #rembrWHENsday

I've made another new local pal on twitter @craiger_c (make sure to give him a follow-he is #kwAwesome).   Not only has he joined the #TiaraARMY he supplied @JackiYo with 4 tickets to a Kitchener Rangers game for her YoBooks launch party (& she picked me as the winner -whoo hoo).

So naturally when he told me about his idea for a new LOCAL hashtag, I wanted to help him out.

We're talking about #rembrWHENsday  KW!
"It'll be a chance to share something from our community from times gone by that you remember. Like when the place to shop for toys was Hiway Market!"

Truthfully I have lived in Kitchener Waterloo all of my life so I could could come up with tons.

Here's my first #rembrWHENsday tweet

I was born in #kwAwesome back when GR RIVER HOSP was called KW Hospital #rembrWHENsday

Make sure to use the hashtag #rembrWHENsday in your tweet so we can all follow along!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What is #TiaraTuesday ?

I've had a lot of questions surrounding what #TiaraTuesday actually is.  It's just a fun twitter perk to make you smile on a Tuesday.

It's a lot like #FollowFriday with a twist.  If you receive a #TiaraTuesday shoutout then you are asked to PAY IT FORWARD with a #TiaraTuesday shoutout of your own (make sure to use the hastag so we can all follow along in the fun).

There's really no required criteria for a #TiaraTuesday shoutout, but here's some ways to play

  • Upload a pic of you in a Tiara (we love them all even Dollarama Tiaras)
  • Do something special for someone & let me know about it here, @those2girls
  • send someone else a #TiaraTuesday shoutout with the reasoning why you are sending it to them
  • If you know someone who's had a tough week, nominate them to give them something to smile about!
That's just the start of our list!  Basically we want to brighten your Tuesday!
Remember after you get one, PAY IT FORWARD to someone else on twitter. 

Now you've become a honourary member of the #TiaraARMY

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