Sunday, May 6, 2012

Facebook Offers and How They Work

New From Facebook Pages - Facebook Offers

There is a new way to attract people to your facebook fan page and your business/blog/website etc.
Facebook offers have launched and it is a FREE and simple way to let your fans know what is new and exciting on your page.  The steps are quite easy to follow.

Creating a Facebook Offer

  1. You must be an admin on the fan page you wish to create an offer
  2. On the status bar it should list Status/ Photos and now a new menu of Offers/Events/Questions
  3. Click on Offers
The additional steps were followed on our Those2Girls - Six Degrees of Us! Facebook Page.  I created an offer of FREE EVENT LISTINGS on our new website.
  • After I clicked Offers, I uploaded a photo.  Remember it must look eye-catching while fitting within 90x90 pixels
  • Next list what your offer is. Be clear.  Remember your goal is to attract people, not make them guess what it's about.  Also make sure you can describe your offer in 90 characters.
  • Then under your offer picture click where it says Unlimited.  Pick how many people may claim your offer.  Since mine does not cost anything other than my time, I choose Unlimited
  • Beside the limit click on the date listing and choose an expiry date
  • Click the Terms and Conditions line to put your specifics. Then hit Enter
  • A blue Preview button will appear and it will show you what your offer will look like
  • Either pick Edit to go back to the earlier steps, or pick Post to set your Offer live

The one I did looked like this

Once it was live I clicked on where it says Get Offer.  A Pop-Up window came up displaying the offer with a Get Offer button.  After I clicked Get Offer an new Pop-Up listed that the offer was sent to my email and an Okay button. It then showed in my activity that I had claimed an offer from the Those2Girls -Six Degrees of Us! Fan Page.

I immediately received the offer in my email.  It listed the offer as well as the terms and conditions.  There was also a Share Offer button.  When I clicked it a Pop-Up Window came up with the offer as well as a spot to add a comment on it and then you can post it to Facebook.

For more info on how to claim and post Facebook Offers visit

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