Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pinterest Boards - Timeline Photos, Cover Photo and Board Arranging

Change it Up

As many of you may know by now when you click on your Pinterest page for your boards, each one now has a "timeline-like" pic of you most recent pin.  This is known on Pinterest as a Cover Photo.

(not sure what I mean? Just login to Pinterest then in the top right corner where it shows your avatar, click the drop down menu arrow and the 3rd item will say Boards, click that and all of your boards will show up).

Now that you are looking at all your boards does the latest pin on each one really represent what the board is about?  If so great, if not follow these easy steps

  1. Hover over the title of the board so that an underline show up
  2. Click the name of that board
  3. Hover over the photo you want as the Cover pic
  4. At the bottom of the pic "Set Board Cover", click that button
  5. A window will pop up that will let you arrange how the photo will look, you can move it around with the aid of your mouse
  6. Once your Cover Photo position is set, click Set Cover
Now if you click your name at the top of the page you will go back to all your boards.

To rearrange the order that your Pinterest boards are displayed

It's very easy to order your Pinterest boards, simply...
  • go to your menu under your profile pic and beside the Edit profile button hover over the little box with the two directional arrows on it.  It will become a rearrange boards button and you can simply drag and drop the boards to their new spots.
It may take a few attempts to move the boards to a new spot (if the board won't move to the spot, move it to the spot beside where you want it to be, then after switch it one more time).
After every Pinterest board is in its proper place, click the red checkmark at the top (beside the edit profile menu option) and your new Pinterest board display is complete.

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