Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fix For posts on Facebook

As many have experienced this week, Facebook is blocking posts

When you try to post with a (blogger) post you see a message very similar to this

Chances are when you first signed up for your blog you were listed as (as I was).  The recent change to (which was done automatically to me without any notification that I could see) has been quite messy!

As of this week my bandage for the problem was to PIN my posts on Pinterest and then post the pin on facebook.  Not really a great way to do it.


With the knowledge that I was orginally a (and not .ca) I tried an experiment and it worked.
I found a fix for the issue on facebook.

It is much easier if I show you!

It also works if you find the .ca part within individual posts and then you change it to .com .  It took a little longer for it to post to facebook but it did work too.


  1. Lisa, you are a genius, a persistent one at that!
    Have a fabulous Thursday and thanks for this!

  2. Same with but the old posts on facebook linking to have been killed by facebook

  3. Thanks - I had the same problem...


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