Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tweetstock007 The Web Is Not Enough

Tweetstock You've Come A Long Way Baby!

If you follow any of my posts/tweets/status updates you know I am Tweetstock's biggest fan.
I dare anyone to dispute that fact.  You can see a glimpse by searching this blog and seeing how many times I mention Tweetstock in my posts.

I think of myself as a Tweetstock early adopter.  I met Trevor, Tweetstock's founder through Lindsay Jacobs  at the Unmarketing book launch.  Soon after I was asked to speak at Tweetstock 3 and was hooked!  Everyone I met so wonderful.  Since then I've attended Tweetstock 4, where I first met Kevin who then was kind enough to put me in his book that launched at Tweetstock 5.  By Tweetstock 6 Diane & I were coined as the VolunTIARAS and we truly feel part of the Brantford family!


The buzz about this event was hard to ignore, especially with an Atomic Spark  promo like this

The day started off with a BANG! or should I say DAGONE! Marcus wondered why no one was filling up the front seats.  I always wonder that as well
If you were going to a CONCERT you pay excessive amounts of money to be in the front row, but when it comes to speaking engagements everyone does whatever they can not to be in the front row.  Am I right?
So after Marcus loosened everyone up it was a great day! Lots of great moments from the speakers, panels and so many connections were made. I could give you a run down about all the speakers, but I'll let you get some thoughts from others.  I think I've already posted about it all over twitter & facebook anyways.

There was one thing very unique about this event.  A sixteen minute Webisode was created and screened at the event.  Now that is smart thinking.  If your event takes place in a movie theatre, create a movie for it!
They brought together the top names in Social Media (& then let us be part of it).  The day of filming was so exciting and I wish that I could spend every Saturday having that fun!

Tweetstock007 - The Movie

Now that you've expirenced the Director's Cut Version, tell me what you thought (pick all that apply) 

The next Tweetstock will be happening this November, and all the details will be posted on the Facebook page as they are released.  You can also following along on twitter and tweet to @TweetstockCA


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