Monday, December 5, 2011

International Volunteer Day 2011

Not many know this but today (Dec 5, 2011) marks the 10th Anniversary of International Volunteer Day .  This initiative was started by the UN and today they are asking what did you do to volunteer in your country?
Although I cannot say I was able to help the UN in anyway, I can say I was able to help many of my friends & made many new friends in doing so.

Here's my list

& in addition I attend lots of fundraisers & events & am the first to say, if you need anything put me to work! I also try my best to get the word out about other great events happening.
Why do I do this? BECAUSE I LOVE TO!!!!

@JuliaRosien: Love what @those2girls said about volunteering - what your give
to the world comes back when you give from the heart #SCCTO

That's what I stood up & said at a conference with 200 women in attendance.
I meant every word of it.

Last month Erica Ehm actually called me out on my passion for helping at #Tweetstock6 check out the 38 min mark below

(note to self for 2012 resolve to take a compliment without getting embarrased-Thankyou Erica!)

So it seemed natural to create one more event before the end of 2011.
This Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 is the #ToydriveTweetup/Meetup
I want to go into this holiday season on a positive note & I hope you will as well.  I hope you'll join me on Sunday & bring along a friend or 3!!!!!!!!! :)

I'd love to see your list of volunteering for 2011 make sure to either leave a comment or link your post here

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