Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sip For Hope

Who new this fluke one year ago would lead to my involvment with Marcel's Journey?

Close to a year ago (Aug 28/10) I noticed something strange in my neighbourhood.  I saw some temporary fencing going up at the Roundabout.  Later when I was home, I read on twitter that Lance Armstrong was in town so I put 2&2 together and figured the RIDE WITH LANCE would be coming through.  I grabbed my trusty FlipCam & was able to catch a glimpse

Flash forward almost one year later.  I receive a tweet from someone asking if I would like to be involved in a fundraising effort in Kitchener-Waterloo for the Grand River Cancer Centre.  Of course this peaked my interest & suggested we should meet for coffee.

One day later I'm having coffee with Trish, Meghan & JoAnne.
They tell me all about Marcel's Journey .  Trish explained that she is Meghan best friend & she was the one that contacted me on twitter.  Marcel is Meghan's Father & JoAnne's husband.  Marcel is a cancer survivor wanting to give back to the Grand River Cancer Center through the RIDE WITH LANCE  . His goal is to be the TOP FUNDRAISER & earn the chance to wear the covented Yellow Jersey during the ride.

In order to make this happen they have hosted several Fundraising events all over Waterloo Region, and wanted to create an orginal event in the area to make Marcel's dream a reality.

Wheels Are Always Turning

If you know anything about me, you know I love Brainstorming & Events!  I think if you would have looked hard enough that day you would have saw smoke from the little hamster wheel in my head going into overdrive.  It didn't take long to lightening to strike and Sip For Hope was created.

This fun event is starring Cocktail Deeva , who does so much to #beatcancer and it's being held at the Victoria Park Pavillion on July 21st 2011.   Dee will be showing us all how to make FAB Cocktails that can you can re-create for your summer entertaining.  Along with that there will be fun raffles, door prizes & silent auction items galore!

Where else intown could a $25 ticket promise so much Fabulousness?

So please visit the NEW Sip For Hope registration page on Eventbrite & grab your ticket! (if you prefer to pay cash for your ticket please contact Trish through twitter or leave a comment with your email address on this post).
There are a limited number of tickets, so make sure you GET YOUR SEAT!

To keep up with the fun make sure to follow the hashtag #Sip4Hope
Also make sure to visit all the links on this page to appreciate why everyone is working so hard to see Marcel RIDE WITH LANCE !

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