Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Deeds = Great Feelings

If you follow any of my posts you already know that I find joy in my role as a VolunTIARA, but I posed the question to Twitter and Facebook

What's 1 good deed you did this year?

Answers from twitter
@hedremp I was an angel to a little boy this Christmas - his mom requested some learning materials so I sent a whole box full!

@LHMaintenance client was in a difficult spot and needed work done. #gratis

@adomesticmomma Paid for a little boy's product at cash when he thought he had enough money for it. He felt so proud of himself.

@KidsGummyMum donated vitamins to Africa, to teens in Kitchener, donated $$ to Childrens Aid for bikes & kids schools for Healthy Snack Program

@HighstickHarry good deed pulled over when I saw a car in the ditch then called tow for her

@edrivefanpeg my friend was posting on kijiji a bed 4 sale, found a single mom looking for 1, and gave it to her :)

Answers from Facebook
Lisa S. An elderly lady in front of me in line at Walmart had her credit card declined. It looked like she was buying Christmas gifts for grandchildren. I paid for her. I can't tell u how good I've felt about that ever since.

Jenn W. donated to #50teens, the Goderich toy drive, MCC..... paid for a few coffees for others (anonymously), tried to just be a good person and help others. Hope that helps!

Maria W. started the Brampton chapter of Christmas for seniors ! Lots of fun, but you should see my apartments with all these Christmas

As you can see from all the exclamation points, LOLs & happy face icons all these wonderful people enjoyed themselves as well.  It's one thing to bring to joy to others with your help, but the real gift is how great it makes you feel.

A few years back I watched a film called THE ULTIMATE GIFT. 

The trailer for it doesn't do it justice.  It's a movie basically about how it's never to late to change, and how by helping others it helps you as well.  Although I was already volunteering the movie made me realize that giving good was also bringing me good (if that statement makes any sense to you, then you too should join the #TiaraARMY)

Looking back on 2011 I'm very proud of the many things I accomplished.  Many of them were not goals that I set out to do at the beginning of the year.  It's amazing how quickly things can change over the course of 12 months.  Not only did I manage to do a few good deeds, good deeds came my way as well.  I'm very thankful for that and for those who were there along the way.  If you're reading this there's a good chance you fit into that prior sentence.

Yes I'm ready start 2012 with a bang, but I can't wait to see the wonderful surprises it will bring as well.  Happy New Year everyone.  Make sure to tell someone that they made you feel great today!


  1. Yes, lets start 2012 with a big bang !!! Thanks for the mention, and loved reading all the good deeds!!!

    Cheers to 2012,


  2. Great idea! Keep up posted on how it goes! #TiarARMY


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