Friday, December 30, 2011

Facebook Timeline for Non Techies Like Me

Finding Timeline
So Facebook timeline was a headache for me for such a long time.  I couldn't figure out why everyone was able to get it except me.  I thought hmm what does Mark Zuckerburg have against Tiaras?  How come I can't find this GET TIMELINE Button that everyone is telling me about?

Out with the OLD
I know tons of people will argue this choice, but I still use Internet Explorer. Yes I'm stubborn like that.  I like being low tech, but apparently my browser was version 7 & they were now at version 9.  I thought I'd give it an upgrade.  After that I was also able to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player and BINGO I was able to access Facebook Timeline

With a couple of clicks and some upload of pics ...

... BINGO I had Timeline

With that means that I can finally see everyone else's timelines, and spent the better part of an evening going through what my facebook friends chose to do with theirs.  I got to see pics taken from all over the world, family photos, works of art and business branding.  I love how each one is so unique! I'm hoping that this will soon start on Facebook Pages, because I already know which one I'll put for the Those2Girls cover photo !

If you have a Facebook Timeline, what inspired the pics you chose for it?
Leave a comment with your Timeline theme, or if you like link it!


  1. I think my Timeline picuture will change throughout the year! For now it is a picture of my Hubby looking down from the viewing platform of the Eiffel Tower. We went to Paris for my 40th Birthday and as this is one of my most memorable moments of 2011 is seemed like a good place to start!

  2. The new facebook Timeline Cover for fan pages, did to marketers!!!
    Timeline Media Covers


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