Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why MeFest Means So Much To Me

This October we are hosting our 7th MeFest. 
Seven different times we will have created something special for the community we love so much.

We've had many challenges along the way.

Questioning of our marketing, copy cat versions of our shows, and the use of our pics to promote a totally separate event that we are not affiliated with at all. Yes all of these have happened.

But guess what?

It won't stop us.  The accomplishments out weigh the challenges every time.

We choose how we run our event.  We don't listen to the critics and we steer clear of those who can't see why we would want to invest so much of our time into a KW project.

Instead we focus on the fun that the day brings.  We create an event we are proud of each time.  We fill our hearts with the positive vibes inside our venue. That's what sets us apart.

We create something we love.

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