Saturday, September 24, 2011

#140confONT Speaker vids

I'll do my best to keep them in the order that they appeard. 
Each video is about 10 mins, so although you might not be able to watch this all at once, remember this happened all in one day, in one room, filled with passionate, inquisitive & intellegent people.  Although the energy of that day can not be re-created, it can be re-lived.

Warning it goes from Pole Dancing Fitness Beginning to A Comedy Skit (That I'm betting will soon by Viral) Ending.  It's about Business & it's about Charity.  It's about celebrating the Seasons of Life & the Challenge of moving forward after a Death.  Be prepared to be inspired, rejuvenated, emotional and full of joy and laughter.

The above one w/Craig also included Jeanette Joy

So now that you've made it through the list, what has changed in you?  Did it spark something? Will you do something differently? Are you motivated in a new way?

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