Saturday, August 20, 2011

ShesConnected #SCCTO 2011 & Why I'm Excited

This week I was happy to hear that @Those2Girls have been selected as part of a group of the Most Digitally Connected Women in Canada to take part in ShesConnected Conference #SCCTO for the 2nd time!!!

Some people are happy and some are not.  Some are calling it a popularity contest and others are saying its only for those that are willing to push products.

I don't believe any of that. 

If anything, I'm dorkiest gal in the room, & I'm okay with that.  As for pushing things, if I like something about it I tell people about it because I want my friends to know about good stuff too!  No one pays me to do that (even though I've been asked if I'm on @Trevor_Cherewka 's payroll with all my Tweetstock tweets!).

Popularity & Appreciative are two different things.  Once I saw that they were preparing for the next conference I was happy to interact with them & tell people about it.  I know when I arrange events I really APPRECIATE those who help me get the word out and try to help them with their endevoures as well.

As for the Speakers, last year and my favorite speaker was @SidneyEve.  She was well prepared, entertaining and knew the audience she was speaking to.  I don't think many of the Brands at the 1st one knew what to expect, and I expressed my concern about it for this Conference.

 I had a very public conversation on twitter asking if the Brands this time really want to hear what we have to say?  I told them it was frustrating that some Brands asked for my opinion and said they would love to find out more and never implemented or followed up with me (even though they gave me business cards & I did email them). 
I get upset when someone picks my brain for ideas & then does nothing with those ideas.  When I give someone my time I expect them to appreciate it.
I was assured that the Brands taking part in this year's #SCCTO are Brands that are wanting to connect with the attendees, and that great people are involved in organizing it.

Now THE REAL REASON I'm excited.....

I get to meet women from across Canada!!!!

Last year I met so many wonderful people that I get to chat with online. I remember meeting Deb Lowther .  She was still fairly new to twitter and I loved her tweets!  She was there as attendee as well.  Since that meeting we became fast friends and I have told so many how AWESOME her company is!  Why, because she's wonderful and I want to support her.   I have so many stories of 1st FACE TO FACE meetings that day.  That's what's important to me THE FRIENDSHIP

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  1. there are so many smaller blogs going this year, it couldn't possibly be a popularity contest lol great post!


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