Friday, December 17, 2010

My Brushes With Fame 2011

This collage shows only part of the fantastic things that happened to me this year.
If you don't know all of the people in the photos, you should!  See their listings below the collage!

  1. Start of Dan for Mayor Fred Ewanuick -he was the Parade Marshall for the Oktoberfest Parade (& apologized for not being Ellen)
  2. Actress Patty Sullivan (Diane is in this pic & I took it) See her on CBC or starring on stage (after her maternity leave that is)
  3. Yummy Mummy Extrodinare Erica Ehm (@ Kathy Buckworth's book launch)
  4. Brendan O'Carroll creator of Mrs. Brown's Boys (in Toronto)
  5. Members of the band Mariana's Trench @ Hockeyfest
  6. Kathy Buckworth author/humourist @ her Springridge Farms event
  7. Fitz The Whip Vanderpool Boxing Champion @ Kidspark
  8. Brenda Halloran Mayor of Waterloo @MeFest
  9. Sue Warden of HGTV Canada's Craftscapes @ Season's Christmas Show
  10. Carlos Benevides Radio personality of 91.5 The Beat & Moustache enthusiast @ Movember Kick Off
  11. Dee Brun aka The Cocktail Deeva, what doesn't she do? Author, Bar Chef, Humourist TIARA WEARER!!!! @ Toronto Home Show
  12. Mike Holmes of HGTV's Holmes on Homes @ WLU
  13. John Placko of the Maple Leaf commercials @ ShesConnected Conference
  14. Silks the Prize Guy Radio personality of 91.5 the Beat who we always run into at random places (as you can see by the pic)
  15. Academy Award Winning Procducer of Titanic & Avatar Jon Landau @ The Museum (also w/ his Oscar!)
  16. Scott Stratten author/public speaker who was awesome enough to mention MeFest in his book (page 236 go look it up-I know you own it)

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  1. This is such a great post...So fun..I adore your zest for life and it is infectious..not the "Your going to need some med's for that" kind of infectious...The good kind...

    Cheers and looking forward to a FABULOUS 2011...



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