Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What comes after #TiaraTuesday EASY it's #rembrWHENsday

I've made another new local pal on twitter @craiger_c (make sure to give him a follow-he is #kwAwesome).   Not only has he joined the #TiaraARMY he supplied @JackiYo with 4 tickets to a Kitchener Rangers game for her YoBooks launch party (& she picked me as the winner -whoo hoo).

So naturally when he told me about his idea for a new LOCAL hashtag, I wanted to help him out.

We're talking about #rembrWHENsday  KW!
"It'll be a chance to share something from our community from times gone by that you remember. Like when the place to shop for toys was Hiway Market!"

Truthfully I have lived in Kitchener Waterloo all of my life so I could could come up with tons.

Here's my first #rembrWHENsday tweet

I was born in #kwAwesome back when GR RIVER HOSP was called KW Hospital #rembrWHENsday

Make sure to use the hashtag #rembrWHENsday in your tweet so we can all follow along!

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