Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook Profile Maker

I just found out from my pal Breanne how to simplify the process when making a new profile page now that Facebook has changed to THE NEW PROFILE.
It's very easy just go to then upload a picture.  Next drag the cusor around in the left pane until you have it set the way you want it.  After that push the slider on the zoom tool to how big you want it to appear (you may have to readjust the left pane again) & click create profile.  In under a minute you'll get a message saying choose this as your profile pic (bottom right corner of the pic screen) & BOOYA! Success!

As always mine is all about the TIARA !!!

Go ahead & try it yourself. Then post you profile link in my comments I'd love to see how creative everyone will be!


  1. this is so cool


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