Saturday, January 15, 2011

How To Remove A Facebook Virus - Too Many Facebook Apps

Ever get a strange message from a Facebook Friend? Next time instead of sending a DON'T SPAM ME message, let them know they have a facebook virus and send them the link to this post on how to get rid of it.

I thought I should update this post, as the facebook platform has changed a bit since I orginally wrote this. All the updated info will be in BLUE writing.

Yesterday I tried out a new app on Facebook. Five minutes later my computer did some funky stuff! I figured out how to remove unwanted apps & found there were a ton in there that had been sitting for 6 months or more. I asked through my Facebook Status if I should I write a post on how to remove unwanted apps, and the consensus was YES PLEASE!

So do this when you have about 10 mins of free time.  It's easy enough to do, but once you see how many applications are sitting there, I'm sure you'll be as shocked as I was.  The problem is you have to remove them one at a time.

  • Login to Facebook
  • Click on Account (top right corner) -top  blue bar, beside the little lock there is an astrix/flowery type icon click on that
  • From the dropdown menu pick Privacy Setting
  • In the new window that popped up, scroll down to the bottom -actually its now in the left side bar
  • In the bottom left corner under Apps and Websites click Edit Your Settings - just click on where it say apps and a new window will open
  • Under Apps You Use you will see a few listed right under that you'll see Remove unwanted or spammy apps, click that -now it just lists all the apps
Now is the time consuming part
  • A listing of all of your apps will show up on the screen
  • To the far right of the app is a little "x" click it to remove the app
  • Then another little box will show up asking if you're removing and you hit okay
  • Then it goes back to the listing screen and click the "x"' 's for each one (and a dialouge confirmation box will pop up each time too)
Now feel good that you've decluttered something today!
If this tip was helpful, please leave a comment so I know if you'd like to see more hints and tricks!

Keep Smiling!


  1. Lisa, you rock! I just got rid of a pile of junk & de-cluttered, thanks to your directions ... yay YOU!

  2. i had alot in there thank you


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