Monday, August 10, 2009

My Dancing Cloud

Tonight is the 1st great SUMMER night her in KW.
I had stepped out of the Superstore when I thought this is just like a September night in Disney (my FAVE place & my FAVE time of year to go). It was 8:45pm & the weather was perfect, not hot, not cold & as Goldilocks would say it was JUUUUUUUUST Right!
Yes September nights at Disney, on my way to my FAVE Disney show FANTASMIC! I love that show it's spectacular.
But then reality stepped in & I was back at the shopping centre parking lot. Too bad, no Disney memories around here, until I looked up. I saw a cloud that looked like a person dancing. Someone somewhere knew that I needed to see something spectacular at home too.
I quickly grabbed my camera & took a pic. As soon as I did the whole cloud turned red & then dispersed.
Can you see the dancing cloud?

See how it`s really red near the bottom, well after I snapped the photo the whole cloud image turned that colour & then dispersed.
I was so amazed!

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