Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday

I'm new to Girl Talk Thursday so I hope I do it write.
This week is about songs that are meaningfull to you.

My Fave's are
This Woman's Work by Kate Bush
The lyrics hit me when I first saw this movie as a teenager, but it's been an anthem for me since I became an adult

Winter by Tori Amos
This is the best video version I can find of the song, but I truly just love the orginal audio for it.
About how life changes, but don't let it change you

Come What May from Moulin Rouge
Reminds me what True love is still out there somewhere

& my all time Fave MOVIE
The Princess Bride


  1. I love Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill", but this is a really beautiful one too. Everything Tori is awesome, good call.

    That scene in Moulin Rouge left me in tears. And the Princess Bridge song DEFINITELY makes me cry, because my mom always said that movie was her & my dad's favourite... so I get teary-eyed (like right now!) thinking about the fact that they used to love each other so much, the way I love my husband, and yet now they're divorced and hateful towards one another. it scares me. I don't ever want to lose my storybook love.

  2. I love all the music from Moulin Rouge, but I never watch the movie because it makes me so sad! Probably I should just buy the soundtrack. Ha.

    Tori Amos is amazing. My college roommate and I put Little Earthquakes on repeat for the better part of a semester, and drove our third roommate nuts. But I think she was a convert by the end of it. Totally forgot to include that in my own post!


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