Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ideas from everywhere!

Happy Sun is shining day! (not an official day, but nice to see anyway)

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. It's not that I've been that busy, it's that I've been try to slow down a bit to be refreshed for GREAT THINGS to come!

Not exactly sure what they are, but I always have my wheels turning. My criteria simply is IT MUST BE FUN!

If it's not fun to put together, I want nothing to do with it. I only want to do fun things.

Right now I'll start concentrating on the upcoming SYS schedule.

If you're a new follower to my blog, it's a women's friendship group that I organize. It's truly called See You Sunday, pronounced sis.

We do something different every Sunday. It's so much fun. It's my treat to myself every week.

Next I'll be working on some projects for Those2Girls! We have a few ideas in the works, just need to start putting an actual plan together.

Like I said if it's fun, I'm all for it. Now if only cleaning my house was a fun social event-ha!

The other thing that's caught my attention is TWITTER. I'm trying to update lots to gain lots of followers. If you enjoy this blog, why not follow me on Twitter as well!

When you join twitter search for


When you see the pic of the girls eating mini-cupcakes (like the one in this post), you'll know right away that's me on the left & Diane on the right.

Do you Twitter? If so let me know what you like most about it.

Well the washing machine stopped so that's my cue to sign off.
Keep Smiling!


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