Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting to know Twitter

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Twitter is new to me, & as awkward as I was with it just 2 weeks ago, I seem to be navigating around it very well!

If you're a facebook addict (as I am, truthfully it's my home page), this will become a new enabler for your habit. You can get a whole NEW set of friends that don't know you!-ha! For me it's so fun. I have both friends I know & others who share common interests with me. Now with Twitter I have all that plus MORE!
One of the speakers from THE SECRET (which I am a fan of for many years now) has joined us as a follower! He found us first! Sure we follow some celebrities, but I'll repeat it HE FOLLOWED US! & of course we now follow him. SO COOL!
We'd love to have you follow us too

If you're in the Kitchener Ontario area, we're having a contest for our followers. We're giving away passes to the Grand Life Show @ Bingemans this weekend. Follow us & perhaps they might become your free passes!

TWITTER WORKS FOR ME! Does it work for you?

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