Monday, June 26, 2017

Does A Woman Need To Be In A Fight Scene With Ben Affleck To Get Her Own Action Movie? It's Happened More Than Once

As a female that loves action movies, I am so glad to see that the Wonder Woman movie was a great film and thrilled that it is doing so well at the box office.

Yet it makes me wonder does a woman need to be in a fight scene with Ben Affleck in order to get her own action movie?  You see Wonder Woman is a spin off from Batman v Superman

You see this is not the first time it has happened.

In the 90s the character Elektra was given her own movie after her popularity fight scenes in the Daredevil movie which starred Ben Affleck as the Marvel Superhero.


I hope this will not always be the case. 

Or maybe a female hero has to be introduced in movie that 1st featured a male hero? Such was the case with Marvel’s Agent Carter.  The character of Peggy Carter was introduced in the Captain America film.  When she was going to get her own series I was thrilled and watched every episode (as I did with the Wonder Woman television show back in the 70s). Unfortunately the viewership must not have been there as it was cancelled after the second season.

I still hold out hope for Captain Marvel.  I hope her stand alone film will not be treated as a spinoff.  I hope she gets all the attention.

Maybe it’s time to re-watch films like Alien, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Underworld and other films that feature female leads in action roles.  Now with all the data being mined from downloads, on demand and streaming perhaps it will make those decision makers realize that women can hold their own in action films.

Please don’t see this as negative towards the other super hero action or action movies. I still love them all.  See everyone at THOR Ragnarok.

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