Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What The Web Wednesday - December 31 2014

Kicking Off What The Web Wednesday

Starting today and hopefully continuing on the months to follow I plan to put up a WHAT THE WEB WEDNESDAY LINK UP on the last Wednesday of every month here on this blog. 

I'll post a Web How To and then post a link up at the bottom of the post where you can link up your "how to" as well.  Think of it as knowledge sharing, brain-storming and/or crowdsourcing information that could better your website/blog!
I thought I would kick things off by posting about how to participate!

How To Participate In A Link Up

For this link up there are just a few things to do

  1. Scroll to the end of this post click the Add Your Link Button
  2. Put the link to the actual post (not just the link to your site) in the first field
  3. Type a quick title about the post
  4. Your email (not visible on the link up)
  5. Then click submit link
  6. For every link you leave visit another post on the link up and leave a comment on it
  7. Share this post on one of your social networks

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