Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Best Salad Dressing - Just Five Ingredients

With summer in full swing salads are on the menu!

There are so many salad dressing recipes out there but I find they have so many ingredients! This means you are constantly balancing flavours.  If you put too much lemon then you need more sugar.  If you have to much garlic then add some lime.  For me simple is the way to go.

I made this salad dressing in 5 mins with 5 ingredients.  No zesting, chopping or juicing required.

Now remember I'm not great at measuring so you may need to do a bit of adjusting to your own taste.

The 5 Ingredient Salad Dressing

You will need
  • 1 cup of Olive Oil
  • 2 to 2.5 cups of Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Half a cup (or less depending on how sweet you need it) of Liquid Honey
  • A few of twists of the grinder of ground pepper
  • A couple of twists of the grinder of salt.
** Note because I am a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador I recommend his pink himalyan salt but any coarse salt should do.

What's next? Add it all to a mason jar. Secure the lid and give it a good shake! That's it!

I poured it over a spinach salad that had strawberries and walnuts. Again another easy to make healthy recipe!

Let's Hear It

Give it a try and leave a comment on how you liked it, or let me know about your easy salad dressing recipe! Then be sure to check out the other Healthy Recipes From Canadian Bloggers

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